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MBox - An Email Marketing Campaign Tool from Corefactors

We all know how widely corporate users prefer electronic mail despite other forms of communication such as text messaging, social media, phone calls, and video calling. The reason email still remains an effective tool for communication and consequently for online marketing campaigns is because of its simplicity, reach out to corporate users and ease of getting started.

Ascend2 analyzed the top marketing channels used by companies, and it reiterated the fact highlighted all-along by experienced B2B digital marketers that email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways to engage with prospects and customers.

Over half of the companies surveyed considered email marketing to be a very effective channel for digital marketing.

The beauty about mass email marketing is that it isn’t just limited to one purpose or action. Companies can use it to build brand awareness through newsletters, to get more website traffic, to generate leads or to retain existing customers.

It is clear that email marketing campaigns have cemented their place even with the arrival of newer forms of online marketing like Facebook ads and Google AdWords.


"Introducing MBox from Corefactors"

So, in an ocean of email marketing campaign tools, why should you choose MBox from Corefactors?

Corefactors has delivered the answer resoundingly with our email marketing campaign tool - MBox. MBox was conceptualized by Corefactors, a company focused on marketing, communication, and analytics for both B2B as well as B2C. MBox is an email marketing campaign software with many benefits.

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A recent Ascend2 study illustrated this point.

How Email Marketing Platforms and Users can Collaborate?

Experts however caution that to keep ahead of the rest, email marketers and marketing platform providers should together strive to:
  • Ensure high delivery rates
  • Enable easy follow up of opens and clicks
  • Flawless formatting quality to fit both desktop and mobile
  • Avoid title bait, spammy links and unwanted information
  • Typo free crisp content with good grammar ending with an useful CTA
  • Weeding out of historical bounced emails
  • Simple, clear and visually appealing reporting of results
  • Track and monitor ROI of email campaigns
  • Integration between campaigns and also between software programs
  • Ability to quickly import, edit and even modify images, templates and text

It is also to be noted that companies that have used email marketing to successfully increase their sales revenue tend to initiate and execute either a sustained drip program or periodic and calibrated offer driven email exercises. This is only possible with a reliable email marketing service provider backed by a robust solution with a capability to deliver positive results.


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Better communication visibility