MBox is more of a Marketing relevant Mail Box. Traditionally we have mail clients like Outlook, Gmail, Roundcube, Mailpile, etc… But they are not context relevant. Teleduce has a unique set of Marketing Tools for any business to run Marketing & Communication seamless. Mbox is one such where you can send your daily mails to your clients and stakeholders and track all your conversations.

More than that, you can see more Marketing relevant features which improves your Productivity and helps you to write a better mail than usual.

Importantly mbox is connected with Teleduce which helps you to run your Marketing to your contact list directly without sourcing it or integrating it. We make your job easy.

Run your daily communication on Mbox

*Mbox is patent pending technology solution

Send & Receive Mails
Integrated with marketing platform
Quick selection of email templates
Better communication visibility