Multi channel Marketing


Interaction with customers is the essential ingredient of any business and the key to its success. Multi Channel Marketing is an ingenious instrument for fruitful customer interaction.

Multi Channel Marketing is the interaction with customers through direct or indirect communication channels to evoke a favourable response through them. The channels used for Multi Channel Marketing are

1. Direct - SMS. Email, Websites, Online Ads, Print Ads, TV Ads, Outdoor advertising, Database Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Sales Promotion through brochures and catalogs etc.

2. Indirect - Marketing done through a network of channel partners, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and brokers.


Mutli Channel delivery enables 60% more reachability.

Consolidated List Maintenance Tools help 40% more productivity

Tracking Channels enables more lead & interest visibility

Visualize Multi Channel Campaign Results in one view.


1. To reach customers over a wider geographical area

Concentrating on a single channel narrows down the scope of your audience. The more customers you engage, the more you convert. This is the main focus of Multi Channel Marketing.

2. To ensure visibility of the brand across all channels

The customer is a very choosy person. He might prefer one channel of communication over all others. To avoid losing out on potential customers, it is best to promote your brand in several channels. By Multi Channel Marketing, the chances of engaging the customer are higher as there will be more exposure to your brand across multiple channels and better recall.

3. To augment sales

Customer retention and loyalty becomes easier with Multi Channel Marketing. Due to repeated exposure across various channels. the brand gains the trust and loyalty of the customer.

4. To gauge the customer's attitude

With Multi Channel Marketing it is easy to gain an insight into the customer's mindset-his preferences, choices, influences etc. This is done by acquiring feedback from various channels and helps to promote your brand better.

5. To monitor campaigns

Multi Channel Marketing makes it easy to track the customer responses and monitor your campaigns. It is now easy to figure why a campaign succeeded or failed as Multi Channel Marketing has exposed the same campaign to various channels and monitors them.


Corefactors provides a plethora of Multi Channel Marketing services that help in effective and instant lead generation. A comprehensive Multi Channel Marketing platform is ready complete with CRM, Analytics, Lead Management and Tracking.

Bulk SMS

SMS+ from Corefactors is the maximize the leads of a SMS Campaign.

Just launching an SMS Campaign and shooting out SMS alone is not enough. Lead follow-up, customer engagement , tracking and collation of data are the processes that ensure the full success of the campaign.

With SMS+ Corefactors digital tools to optimize the outcome of the SMS. With user-friendly widgets, customer engagement and interaction is very easy. Recording customer response is also done for post-campaign analysis. Data is collated to create accurate reports with astute insights in the form of graphs and charts to help you monitor the campaign and gauge its success. To maximize the ROI from the SMS Campaign, the leads are compiled into an address book as database for further use in future campaigns.

Platform also support Lead Management & Prioritizing. SMS+ is intelligent to measure your campaigns and tells you how good is your Campaign Performance.

In-bound SMS

In-Bound SMS is a the best way to create a marketing database.

Corefactors In-bound SMS software collects all the customer information from the responses and stores it in a central database. This is used for future campaigns, quizzes and contests.

Get immense benefits for your organization with Corefactors' Inbound SMS.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most productive means of customer interaction and revenue generation.

Corefactors offers an integrated solution to email marketing with email templates, email servers, analytics , adds on etc. Utmost care is taken to generate high quality content which is delivered over superior internet providers to ensure optimum entry into the inbox. With Core Factors Email Analytics, you can clearly track the open rate, link rate, subscribe rate etc of your campaign.

Missed Call Marketing

A Missed Call Service is an automated web application. It notifies you of all the calls that you missed on your landline/ mobile / Tollfree number.

Missed Call Services operate on the concept of unattended missed calls for the purpose of brand or sales promotion. The customer is asked to give a " missed call" to a particular number through any mode of advertisement. The customer then gives a call to that number. The Missed Call platform collects the customer details from the missed call, cuts the call after one ring and sends data to the Cloud-based Missed Call Services Application. The Missed Call Services App then responds via SMS, return call or IVR.

Till now, Missed Calls have always been thought of as missed appointments or missed chances. Not anymore. Missed Calls have become "golden opportunities for sales promotion".

Yes, with Corefactors' Missed Call Services, you can use your Missed Calls to generate leads or collect information for a database.

Voice SMS Marketing

To target local and native audiences , Voice SMS Marketing is the best. This involves shooting pre-recorded voice messages to millions of end users and recording and measuring their responses.

Corefactors offers a robust platform to support Voice SMS Campaigns. Our Voice SMS software has an array of attractive features like retry, repeat, DNC mobile number filtering, Voice SMS time scheduling etc.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are the best means of collecting email addresses to accumulate a database.

The average conversion rate of a Landing Page is 5-15% while the best ones can garner even up to 30%.

Most companies hesitate to create their own Landing Pages as they have to be strategically planned, positioned and structured.

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