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*7 Days Free Account

    Marketing Box

    (Plan & Start your marketing activities)

  • Auto clean and manage contacts - 25000 Contacts
  • Content collaboration - 50 Templates
  • Campaigns over SMS and Emails - 100 Credits/Account
  • Lead Capture Form - 1

    Sales Box

    (Sell Faster)

  • Capture and Manage leads
  • Communicate over SMS and Email
  • Task Management
  • Manage and improve productivity
  • Third-party Integration - 1
  • Notifications - SMS/Email/Webpush

    Support Box

    (Support Customers 24x7)

  • Manual Ticket Creation
  • Field customisation
  • SMS and Email communication

    Success Box

    (Manage Customers)

  • Manage customer data
  • SMS and Email communication

    Dashboards and Analytics

  • Lead Dashboard
  • Marketing Dashboard




*7 Days Free Account

    Marketing Box

    (Automate and track the metrics)

  • Seed+
    50000 Contacts, 100 Templates, 500 Credits/Account, 3 Forms.
  • Offline: Missed Calls & Voice Campaigns
  • Offline/online data tracking (Missed Call/Google Analytics)
  • Marketing Automation - 1000 Engagements

    Sales Box

    (Sell Faster on Auto Mode)

  • Seed ++
  • Distribute leads automatically
  • Auto-suggested tasks to improve productivity
  • Virtual Number for Sales - Communication with inbuilt cloud telephony
  • Multiple lead sources integration - 3
  • Auto call connection with leads
  • Automated lead engagement - 1000 Engagements
  • Three Levels of Hierarchy with access restrictions
  • Mobile app access

    Support Box

    (Support Customers on Auto Mode)

  • Seed+
  • Automatic ticket assignment via Emails
  • Also ticket creation from inbuilt Success Box
  • Auto replies over Email
  • Two levels of Hierarchy

    Success Box

    (Retain Customers on Auto Mode)

  • Connect with invoicing and POS systems
  • Cross-sell/up-sell to customers via SMS & Email Campaigns
  • Analyze customer metrics - ARR, MRR, Attrition, LTV

    Dashboards and Analytics

  • Seed+
  • Productivity Reports
  • Analyze call metrics and insights - Sales and Support Box




*7 Days Free Account

    Marketing Box

    (Build Your Brand)

  • Sapling+
    Unlimited Contacts and Templates, 1000 Credits/Account, 10 Forms.
  • Access to Unlimited Email/Landing Page Editor Templates
  • Virtual Number for Branding Activity
  • Integrate reports from all marketing channels
  • Marketing Automation - 2500 Engagements

    Sales Box

    (Sell Faster, Scale Faster & Gain Productivity)

  • Sapling ++
  • Multiple lead sources integration - 10
  • Advance lead distribution based on location, pincode, agents and more...
  • Sales Automation - 2500 Engagements
  • Lead Recommendations and Referrals
  • Various levels of hierarchy
  • Advanced sales notifications

    Support Box

    (Delight Customers)

  • Sapling ++
  • Ticket creation via inbuilt cloud telephony
  • SLA Management

    Success Box

    (Retain Customers with Insights)

  • Sapling ++
  • Customer retention and attrition insights
  • Automate engagements(SMS,Email, Voice) - 1000 Engagements

    Dashboards and Analytics

  • Sapling ++
  • Visualise ROI - Marketing Dashboard
  • Analyze call metrics and insights - Brand Number and Call Center Number
  • Custom Sales Dashboard
  • Visualise 360 Degree View of Customer



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does freemium work?

Freemium is a combination of Free + Premium package with the validity of 1 year to use. Here you will get one user access. With this plan you can Create manual leads, You can customise (Stages, Fields, Dashboards) according to your company needs, One can create tasks for follow ups and also access to lead box reports (CRM).

How does the free trial work? (What do I get in free trial?)

Free trial is typically given for 7 days to 15 days for the business. We will configure the features according to the packages selected to have a handhold of the platform. With this relevant training materials(video) will be shared. For any queries, you can reach our Support team 18 X 7 over email or call.

What payment methods do you accept?

The Payment modes we accept are - Bank Transfers ( IMPS/ NEFT), Cheque Payments, Credit Card and UPI Payments.

Can I downgrade and upgrade anytime?

Yes, it's a simple process. For upgradation 1. You can reach out to the customer success manager. 2. You can write an email to 3. You can call 08067335577 and press 1 or raise ticket at

For downgradation, 1. You can contact the customer success manager. 2. You can write an email 3. You can call 08067335577 and press 2 or raise a ticket at

Who owns my data and how do you keep it safe?

As teleduce is a cloud based software, all the datas’ are hosted in the Cloud system. We have certain measure that are in place with regards to data security.
> IP Address Blocking (White listing the specific IP Address) > Disable of Delete, Export, Forward, Assign options to Normal Users > Field Masking (Mobile Number and Email Address or Sensitive Datas are Masked)

Can I purchase features as an add on?

Yes, you can purchase features as add ons as follow. 1. You can purchase it online by selecting the feature and making the payment. 2. You can write an email to 3. You can call 08067335577 and press 1.

What if my usage goes above my subscription plan limit?

The subscription limit is already set, you cannot be able to login to the portal once the subscription is expired. You need to renew it to continue to avail of the services. You will be informed on a periodic basis prior to the expiry date over SMS/Email and Call. If no action is taken immediately, then on the due date, the login credentials shall not be accessible.

What is your cancellation policy?

We expect a 1-year commitment from the customers of Sapling and Tree plan. For the cancellation of the Seed plan, you can email or raise a ticket too. Once you cancel the subscription, the auto-renewal of your plan will be stopped from the next billing cycle. This means your subscription will be active till the end of the current billing cycle. Also, Teleduce will keep your data safe in your account for a month after the cancellation of your plan. So, that you can renew your account in that time period. For refund kindly readterms and conditions.

Compare plans & select a plan that’s right for your business

Seed Sapling Tree
Marketing Calendar Yes Yes Yes
List Management (Contacts) 25000 50000 Unlimited
Content Manager (Templates) 50 100 Unlimited
SMS+Google Analytics (Credits) 100 500 1000
Email+Google Analytics (Credits) 100 500 1000
Brand Number/FCV No 1/100 2/500
Lead Capture Form 1 3 Unlimited
Journey - (Marketing Automation) No 3 10
Marketing Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Configurable Lead Box Yes Yes Yes
Automated Lead Capture Yes Yes Yes
Automated Lead Distribution No Yes Yes
Lead Nurture - SMS, Email & Calls SMS/Email All All
Virtual No./FCV No 1/100 2/500
Automatic Call Distribution No No Yes
Sales Automation No No Yes
SMS/Email/Web/Mobile Push Notifications Mobile/Web All All
Integrations No 3 10
Profiling No No Yes
Territory management No No Yes
Lead Forward No Yes Yes
Lead Referral No No Yes
Lead Recommendation No No Yes
Sales Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Productivity report No Yes Yes
Call Analytics No Yes Yes
Custom Dashboard No No Yes
Call Centre Number No Yes Yes
Call Based Ticketing No Yes Yes
Email Based Ticketing Yes Yes Yes
Assigning Tickets Yes Yes Yes
Ticket Distribution Yes Yes Yes
Grouping Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Customer data maintainence Yes Yes Yes
Integration with billing system No Yes Yes
Track Retention, Attrition, New Customers, LTV, ARR, MRR and more… No Yes Yes
360 Degree of Customer No No Yes
Support (18x7) Email Email / Call Email / Call

Why Corefactors and How Teleduce Can Work For You?

Why? We want to help you to run your business successfully by streamlining your sales, marketing, communication and support process under one single roof.

How? You and your team can sell faster and generate more revenue with easy to use, habit forming and affordable pricing product teleduce.

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