About Teleduce


"Maximize lead conversion and campaign output with Corefactors Teleduce"

For all enterprises aiming at efficient marketing, Corefactors' Teleduce is an absolute necessity. Yes, an automated solution that seamlessly integrates various marketing channels to manage leads and campaigns, Teleduce is the right complement for resourceful marketing.

Teleduce seamlessly integrates the functionality of a CRM with a Lead and Campaign Manager while offering a unified dashboard for lead tracking, multi-channel communication and marketing analytics.

Its valuable features are


"Convert leads and control campaigns to get the best of marketing with Teleduce!"

Teleduce excels an automated Marketing Management software as it

  • Forms a single platform for lead and campaign management
  • Sorts, segregates and lists contacts for effective targeting
  • Targeted Marketing possible due to lead scoring and listing
  • Enables one-click communication to all leads
  • Campaigns can be zeroed-in or targets more accurately due to effective tracking
  • Efficient follow-up of leads is possible as all interactions are visible from dashboard
  • Scaling of campaigns is possible due to complete visibility and control of leads from dashboard
  • Campaigns can be launched across multiple channels like SMS, Voice Calls, Emails and Landing Pages from one single platform
  • Campaign monitoring is more effective with accurate analysis and reporting


"A CRM and a Manager for Lists, Leads and Campaigns- all rolled into 1?- that's Teleduce!"

Teleduce is the best choice for Automated Marketing Management as it is

  • Efficient as it reduces time for lead follow-ups and closing
  • Effective as it helps to target leads better by lead scoring
  • Economical as it is much more cost-effective than individual campaign managers
  • Informative as it gives all client and lead data on one dashboard
  • Interactive as it eases the communication between distributors, dealers and retailers
  • Ideal for start-ups, SMEs , Financial and Retail networks
  • User-friendly as it has very simple features
  • Easily implemented as it is easy to install, configure and is up and running in no time
  • Reliable as it quantifies your data and offers analytical reporting

"Learn how to maximize your marketing value by managing your leads and campaigns using Teleduce"

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