Missed Call Services

"Missed Call Marketing is a simple, efficient, and economical solution for all marketing, feedback, sales and any business processes that capture interests and notifications. Teleduce, one of the best missed call service provider in India, helps you to engage more customers and drive growth."

Have you given a missed call today?

A Missed Call Service is an automated web application used by corporate and small businesses to reach out to consumers. It notifies them of all the phone calls that they missed on the company landline / mobile /Toll-Free number. You can leverage the missed call alert service to engage with your customers.

Missed Call Working

"From competitive pricing, prompt customer support to understanding requirements and customizing the product has made Corefactors our reliable partner."

Mr Lalith Vachali, AVP-Business Operations,

Musecomm Pvt. Ltd.

Why Should You Avail Missed Call Verification service from Corefactors?

"Missed call marketing - The most effective, yet simple tracking option to capture leads"

Maximum Customer Response with Missed Call Marketing

Missed Call alert services are favourable to customers as they are totally free and the customer does not have to pay a single penny for giving a missed call. So if you use Missed Call Services for customer engagement, it is sure to be a success. This is why Missed Call Services are preferred for use in campaigns and contests.

Associate a Missed Call Number With Brand and Campaign

Brand Integration is very vital in marketing. It is very important to have a uniform message sent across all channels during a sales campaign. A Missed Call Number acts as the key to integrating your brand across all channels as it will be the ONLY number identified with that brand for that campaign.

Multiple Options for Missed Call Response- SMS, Call & IVR

Missed call services for business give the customer the facility of response through SMS, Call or Interactive Voice Response. These response options are not only user-friendly but also help to collect information about the customer.

Ideal for Pan-India Missed Call Usage

Missed Call Services enable a single number to be used throughout India for that campaign. This is easy for retention and recall. Missed Call Services help to improve brand awareness by using a single number throughout the country.

Integrate CRM and IT with Missed Call Facility

The best benefit of our Missed Call services is that they can be integrated with your CRM, Website, Cloud and internet software. This helps in gathering, collating and storing customer profiles in the database for further use.

Missed call marketing are the most effective and economical means of customer engagement. Corefactors is one of the top Missed Call Service providers in India offering innovative features, user-friendliness and instant response through its own in-house R&D developed Teleduce brand. You can connect with Teleduce from Corefactors for missed call reminder, missed call notification, and missed call verification services. Reserve your Demo Today!


Effective for the lead generation where you will never miss a call or query from your clients

Economical for Sales/Support -Traditional toll free numbers can be replaced by Missed Call Service number to automate the Sales or Service support with huge cost savings on a monthly basis

Effective for Mobile number Verification for COD (Cash on Delivery), Order Confirmation or Online User Registration

Resetting or Retrieving Old Password can be done using Missed Call Services where the user gives a missed call to get the password reset form

Gets Instant Feedback from Customer on product, satisfaction on services offered, chat support or point-of-sale

Recommended for use in Online voting, Opinion poll, Consumer survey, Coupon delivery, Lucky draw contests, Sales campaign responses, Service support, Creating an Opt-in subscription list, Collecting information, Compilation of customer database

Easy and User-friendly- All it requires is just a dial and the call gets cut automatically.
Efficient- Missed Call Services collect caller data using real time APIs
Suitable for Landline and Mobile.
Customizable - Missed Call Services can be configured to suit your need
Scalable to any platform with facility to map to Geo Maps
Multi-format Reporting is possible with operator and location details
It gives multi-response and instant response options like SMS, Call, Emails or IVR
Convenient and Cost effective as the customer pays nothing as the call gets cut after one ring

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