Teleduce Sales & Marketing Automation Tool


"Maximize lead conversion, campaign output and business communication with Integrated Sales and Marketing automation tool"

For all enterprises aiming at efficient marketing, Teleduce from Corefactors is an absolute necessity. Yes, an Sales Automation Solution or a Integrated Sales & Marketing Automation Solution or a pure Marketing Automation solution is a must-have in any marketing toolbox. This should seamlessly integrate multiple marketing channels like SMS, Email, Social media (SMM),& Missed call to generate, nurture, and convert leads.

We recommend that you look at a integrated Automation Solution which will help in automation of processes, lead generation, company engagement, business communication, increasing customers, and more. Teleduce is the real deal and the right complement for resourceful marketing. The best part is that you can use it for marketing automation, sales automation, or both, as an integrated sales and marketing automation software.

Teleduce seamlessly integrates the functionality of a CRM with a Lead, Cloud telephony and Campaign Manager while offering a unified digital dashboard for lead tracking, multi-channel communication, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, and marketing analytics.

It works for any company offering all products and services. Send Emails, SMS messages, Voice Calls, Social Media Campaigns and more online. Get the most out of your resources and manage leads across multiple channels .


List Manager to sort and categorize contacts for efficient follow-up.
Content manager to Design email & landing pages using intuitive drag and drop designer. Store images, documents, audio, video, email templates, SMS text, etc and use across platform
Multi-Channel Marketing through SMS, Voice Calls, Emails, Missed calls, Landing Pages and Social.
Telecalling campaigns specially for sales and marketing team with intuitive assignment, reporting and insights in your mail box & mobile.
Lead Box to manage, score, and convert leads. Journey to auto engage (Via SMS/Emails/Calls) with your leads at various stages.
Inbuilt cloud phone for all your inbound and outbound communication
Unified Dashboard for Marketing Campaigns , Business communication and Lead Management.
Analytics platform to monitor, track, and analyze sales data, ROI, etc.


"Convert leads and control campaigns to get the best of sales & marketing automation with Teleduce!"

Teleduce excels an automated Marketing Management software as it is

Teleduce is an integrated sales and marketing automation software that can help your business and team achieve success. Teleduce has a lot of tools in its digital arsenal. The popular ones are Email marketing, SMS marketing, IVR, Missed Call Services and more...

It will excel and deliver as a Sales Automation or Integrated Sales and Marketing Automation Software for a lot of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • It forms a single platform for leads management and campaign management and business communication.
  • Sorts, segregates and lists contacts for effective targeting
  • Targeted Marketing possible due to lead scoring and listing
  • Enables one-click online communication to all leads
  • Campaigns can be zeroed-in or targets more accurately due to effective tracking
  • Efficient follow-up of leads is possible as all interactions are visible from dashboard
  • Scaling of campaigns is possible due to complete visibility and control of leads from dashboard
  • Campaigns can be launched across multiple channels like SMS, Voice Calls, Emails and Landing Pages from one single platform
  • Campaign monitoring is more effective with accurate analysis and reporting


"A CRM and a Manager for Lists, Leads and Campaigns- all rolled into 1?- that's Teleduce!"

Teleduce is the best sales & marketing automation management solution as it is

The Teleduce automation software can help you find leads and assist in nurturing them into customers. Automation marketing is the new wave and the future of marketing. Get your personalized content out to everyone with this digital lead generation platform.

The campaigns you create regarding events, services, products, etc. can all be sent out through Teleduce. Manage Email, Social and SMS with a powerful automation software. Teleduce is the best choice on the web for integrated Sales and Marketing Automation software and we promise that it can deliver the following:

  • Efficiently reduces time for lead generation, follow-ups, and closing
  • Effectively helps to target leads better by lead scoring
  • Economically much more cost-effective than individual campaign managers
  • Informative and gives all client and lead data on one dashboard
  • Interactively eases the communication between distributors, dealers, retailers, and customers
  • Ideal for start-ups, SMB’s and Enterprises also.
  • User-friendly with very simple features
  • Easy to implement, install, and configure, and is up and running in no time
  • Completely digital, reliable, quantifies your data, and offers analytical reporting

"Learn how to maximize your marketing value by automating sales & marketing functions using Teleduce"

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