How To Run Effective Email Campaigns?

Webinar By Ms. Meena Halubai, Customer Success Manager, Corefactors

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Date: 26th November 2020

Time: 3:00 PM IST

Duration: 60 Minutes

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You'll Learn

  • How to set up email campaigns?
  • How to personalize your email content?
  • Detailed reports on open rate, click rates and more?
  • How automatic drip engagements will help you?
  • Automation analytics to improvise your campaigns.
  • How you can leverage inbuilt CRM?
  • Learnings and best practices of helping customers in past 5 years.

Meet Our Speakers


Ms. Meena Halubai
Customer Success Manager, Corefactors

With experience in Business Development and Customer Success, Meena has helped Corefactors to grow its customer base. She closely works with the development team and has in-depth knowledge about our product Teleduce.


Mr. Komalesh KP
Marketing Team, Corefactors