Zoho CRM Integration

New Leads are created in Zoho CRM
New Contacts are created in Zoho CRM
Calls Summaries are updated in Zoho CRM

Integration of Zoho CRM with Teleduce campaign management


Every enterprise has a need to synchronize the information generated by the marketing team immediately with the sales team to close the sales process effectively. As new contacts / leads are generated (via marketing campaigns) and new communication are established (via calls) with the potential customers by marketing team using tools like Teleduce, it is important to update these information to the CRM like Zoho CRM used by sales teams. So far it is a manual task to synchronize these information between the teams. This new integration will automate the process and saves up lot of time.

How does it help Zoho CRM and Teleduce customers

This integration will update automatically all new leads, contacts and call summaries created in Teleduce campaign management system to Zoho CRM sales system.

Auto-create contacts

Every new contact generated via marketing campaigns in Teleduce will be automatically created as a new contact in Zoho CRM. This ensures potential customers and key contacts in their organizations are never missed out in the sales pipeline.

Auto-create leads

Every new lead generated via workflows in Teleduce will be automatically created as a new lead in Zoho CRM. This ensures key leads who are groomed for sales through multiple marketing campaigns are never missed out in the sales pipeline.

Auto-Update calls summary

Whenever a communication is established with any contact / lead (via calls) in Teleduce, it is automatically reflected in their profile maintained in Zoho CRM. This ensures sales people are fully updated about their client / lead and they can refer the past communication at any point in their sales cycle which is a powerful tool to have.

How to set up the Integration


Sign up for a Teleduce account

Sign up for a Zoho CRM account


After signing up to Teleduce, select the Integrations section from the sidebar. The list of all integrations with Teleduce is maintained here. We would choose Zoho CRM for our need by selecting configure button.


In Zoho CRM integration page, we need to update 3 key information. URL is the Zoho CRM page url used by your organization (some may use custom domain for your Zoho CRM.). Username will be your Zoho CRM login username and password will be Zoho CRM password.


Once the setup information provided, we can configure the behaviours of the integration through scenarios menu. Here you can choose if you want to create leads, contacts in Zoho CRM as soon as they are created in Teleduce. Also you can choose if you want to update list of calls received from leads and the call summary in Zoho CRM as soon as they are updated in Teleduce.


We believe existing customers of Zoho CRM and Teleduce will love this integration as they could save lot of time and manual intervention required. Happy marketing and selling.