Cloud Telephony - Everything About The Latest Corefactors AI CRM Update

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Cloud Telephony - Everything About The Latest Corefactors AI CRM Update

The wait is over! Corefactors AI CRM now supports Ozonetel and Exotel integration. The CRM has launched some new updates in its interface, inbuilt cloud telephony being one of them. Now Teleduce users can avail telephony services within the CRM itself.

This saves additional telephone expenses, time and effort in managing the lines. In cloud telephony, two specific integrations are introduced, i.e. Ozonetel and Exotel integration. Let’s learn about each of them in detail.

What is Ozonetel Integral Update?

Corefactors AI CRM now supports the integration of Ozonetel, both offline and online. Here’s everything about both these integrations:

Online Integration

Online Ozonetel integration is best for call centres or businesses in telecommunication. It helps them manage calls in the most efficient manner. To handle customer inquiries via calls, agents need to open the Ozonetel portal in their browsers. The portal can further be accessed in real-time via CRM.

Offline Integration

The CRM now also supports Ozonetel offline. For making calls, agents now don’t necessarily need to have the Ozonetel portal opened in their web browsers. They can handle calls even when their agent portal isn’t accessible to them. In addition, the Corefactors AI CRM will capture call logs for both inbound and outbound calls.

Features of Ozonetel Integration

Here are some of the significant features of the Ozonetel integration that you should know about:

Live Monitoring

Agent calls and activities can be monitored live by the administration. They can do so using the CEO dashboard provided to them.

Call Recording

All the calls handled by the agent will be recorded and stored inside a dedicated record file. The record can be analysed to make appropriate decisions.

One-Click Call

Reverting customers has become more convenient. Agents can make calls with just one click. This saves time and makes agents more productive towards call handling.

Multiple Login Options

Using the online Ozonetel integration, agents can log in to their agent profiles from laptop, tablet and even mobile. This allows them to handle more calls.

Benefits of Ozonetel Integration

Following are some key benefits of the latest Ozonetel integration update in the Teleduce CRM:

Improved Customer Experience

The Ozonetel integration allows businesses to handle more customer enquiries. This helps in understanding customer behaviour. Its insights are then used to improve their experience.

Increased Call Volumes

As soon as leads place a call, they get connected with available agents instantly. This way, agents spend their time more productively, allowing them to handle more calls.

Feedback Surveys

After a call, a feedback survey is automatically sent to clients. The survey records their calling experience, insights into which can conclude potential improvements.

Improved Customer Retention

With quality customer support, the brand image tends to improve. In addition, customers’ trust towards your business also increases. This results in an improved customer retention rate.

What is Exotel Integration Update?

Exotel can now be integrated with Corefactors AI CRM. With the collaboration of these two, businesses can gain visibility, enhance customer experience and increase agent productivity. Handling calls is no longer a complex process.

With Exotel integration, agents can make calls with just one click. Moreover, a dedicated record for both outbound and inbound calls is also maintained in real time. Customer handling has become more efficient, thanks to this new update.

Features of Exotel Integration

The newly introduced Exotel integration with Corefactors AI CRM has some exceptional features. Some of them are as follows:


With the newly introduced click-to-call feature, agents can connect with the appropriate department’s agent in merely a few minutes. This saves time and allows agents to resolve customer inquiries fast.


Offer customers a seamless calling experience on each call. You don’t have to waste time on unnecessary IVR prompts anymore. Customise your calling support and sound professional.

Call Analytics

Get access to detailed call analytics whenever you want, with just one click. Use the insights for the analysis to improve customer experience and serve them better.

Real-Time Alerts

Whenever an agent is about to receive a customer call, they will be given an alert on their devices. The alert will be in the form of a notification containing customer details.

Benefits of Exotel Integration

Exotel integration with Teleduce CRM has allowed businesses to improve their customer support exceptionally. Here are some benefits of this new update:

Increased Productivity

Now you can make calls right from your CRM. No need for dialling numbers and recording insights into calls manually. With Exotel integrated into Teleduce CRM, businesses can improve agents’ productivity.

Consolidate Data

Accessing customer data became even easier now. Everything is present in one CRM dashboard, and customer records can be accessed with just a few clicks. Managing information is now more straightforward with the new CRM update.

Improved Rate of Tracking

Get detailed analytics and insights into active campaigns, including the status of SMS and calls. Track agent activity and use the analysis of call recording to identify areas that need improvements.

Popups on Incoming Calls

Agents will receive a popup whenever a customer’s call is about to connect. This gives them time to prepare themselves for the conversation, opening the required tap on the browser or agent dashboard.

Final Words

So this was everything you need to know about the cloud telephony update of Corefactors AI CRM. Managing customer calls has become super more straightforward and effortless. So what are you thinking about now?

Try out the new update now!