How to Use ChatGPT for Easy and Faster Selling?

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How to use ChatGPT for easy and faster selling?

Having a solid sales pitch is paramount to making or breaking the deal. Preparing a sales script before meeting the customer helps sales agents be fully prepared for any scenarios that might arise and queries the customer might have about the product.

As they say, “Your first impression lasts”. Hence, having a stellar sales pitch in the form of personalized and contextualized content goes a long way in closing deals faster.

Each salesperson has a unique style of presenting a sales proposal. However, not everyone is an expert in coming up with content for pitch presentations and sales emails. Many face difficulties in the sales collateral when it comes to articulating expression in terms of content that will hook, line, and sinker the customer.

One recent technological advancement that can make life easier for sales professionals is Generative AI tools like ChatGPT. It now takes hardly an hour to develop sales strategies with help of ChatGPT and AI.

What is ChatGPT?

On November 30, 2022, OpenAI developed and launched a large language model-based chatbot. It was called ChatGPT, short for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

ChatGPT, as the name suggests, was primarily designed to generate human-like responses to prompts in the form of a text input. Using the correct prompt users can start, refine, and have a full-blown conversation on any topic, format, and style.

Here’s ChatGPT’s answer to “What is ChatGPT?”

What is ChatGPT?

The responses are generated based on the model’s training data. It scours the internet to provide contextually relevant responses.

Business leaders across the world have made statements along the lines of “If you are not using Generative AI, you are falling behind.

Many businesses have followed suit by implementing the ChatGPT in chatbots, as virtual assistants, content creation, and other Natural Language Processing tasks. Content creators, business leaders, developers, researchers, and others have taken up the task of becoming proficient in using ChatGPT for their daily professional needs.

Popular online educational sites have courses on Generative AI and ChatGPT. So, it is safe to say that the sales collateral also has a lot to benefit from this tool.

ChatGPT and Sales

The use of ChatGPT in sales is limitless. It is only limited by your knowledge and use of prompts. But, let’s understand why you need ChatGPT for sales in the first place.

The interactive ability of ChatGPT to understand prompts and generate responses based on the scenario can help sales professionals in areas they struggle with the most.

  • Crafting a sales pitch
  • Sending out cold sales emails
  • A sales script to follow while nurturing leads
  • Coming up with personalized and contextualized content

In this blog, we will explore how you can use ChatGPT to create content for sales, be it a sales pitch or a sales script. In the process, you will also learn using generative AI/chat GPT and making training sales executive easy.

Steps to use ChatGPT to sell faster

To get started, set up a free ChatGPT account and open a new window. Now, provide a prompt and tweak it until you get the required output.

The reason for using separate chat windows for different use cases is to fine-tune and train the prompts accordingly. This has been elaborated on in the next section.

Using the Right Prompts

You need to treat ChatGPT as an infant for whom every bit of information is a new one. While writing the prompts, ensure you mention who you are and why you need the content. Provide the algorithm with some context. Don’t leave anything for assumption.

In the case of ChatGPT, there are no wrong answers, only wrong questions. You have to also write about who you are and build a persona for yourself as well as your audience while writing the prompt.

Prompt 1: Write a brief sales pitch for a RevOps-enabling CRM platform with in-built cloud telephony.


ChatGPT prompt for sales pitch

Prompt 2: Assume you are an expert sales person in the b2b tech space. Write a brief sales pitch for a RevOps-enabling CRM platform with in-built cloud telephony. This will be used for a fintech company based in tier-1 cities.


ChatGPT prompt to write better sales pitch
ChatGPT prompt to write a good sales pitch

Do you notice the difference in the results?

The two prompts differ in the level of detail provided and the persona created. When you mention that the sales pitch is directed to a customer in the Fintech space, the results will automatically be tuned keeping the buyer persona in mind.

Focus on the Tone

Tone plays an important role while sending out sales Emails. Depending on the stage in the customer journey, the emails you send out will read differently.

A cold email sent for outreach campaigns to educate prospects on the product will not be along the same lines as the email that is sent out to customers once they sign up for the free trial.

So, it is important to mention such information as lead stages and the purpose of writing the email while entering the prompt in ChatGPT. You can also mention terms like “casual, conversational, professional, celebratory, formal, informal” in the prompt, to set the tone of the content you want.

ChatGPt prompt to focus on tone of content

Now that you see the content, keeping the tone funny does not sound like a good idea and would not leave a good impression.

Edit the prompt to change the tone and make it more professional.

ChatGPT prompt to write professional emails

Mention the Length

As evident in the examples shared before, specify the length of the content to get better results. You can draft your prompt to mention phrases like “Keep it concise”, or “Write briefly”, or even enter the exact number of words you want the content length to be - “Write in less than 500 words…”

Learn and Improvise

You will hardly get the output you want in the first go. You would need to revise the prompts multiple times for ChatGPT to provide the required results. Look for areas where a clearer prompt would result in better answers and implement those in the next input.

You can rephrase the prompts, add or delete details, and take a look at the variants of answers it provides. It is a trial-and-error method and would require a lot of learning and improvisation to get personalized and contextualized content.

Edit, Edit, Edit

No AI-generated sales pitch is perfect. There will always be room for improvement. You can always go back to the sales pitch and scripts and screenplays generated by ChatGPT and add your personal touch.

Personality and brand voice are very hard to mimic. Use prompts to get the skeleton of the content but always add personalizations to go that extra mile before sending in the sales pitch to your customer.

In Conclusion

Throughout your sales process, you might need a full pitch or some content for sales Emails to be sent out for campaigns. By setting the right context and providing all the required details in a prompt, ChatGPT can generate content. Always check for AI plagiarism using AI detector tools to preserve the quality of your pitch.

Leveraging ChatGPT for content creation in the form of a sales pitch, sales script, presentations, and emails, expedites the sales process and also provides numerous insights on how a prospect can be approached in different ways.

The secret lies in keeping up with the experimentation to write prompts that yield results as close to your expectations as possible. You only need to find the right words.