Salt World Achieves a 140% Increase in Monthly Bookings Using Corefactors as their CRM.

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Salt World Achieves a 140% Increase in Monthly Bookings Using Corefactors as their CRM.

Rubbing salt on your wound does not paint a very pleasant picture, but what if inhaling salt could get rid of that wound altogether?

Salt World, a wellness destination, uses salt to heal wounds that linger from stress, allergies, asthma, and a plethora of other respiratory problems. Founder, Deepthi Babu’s history with salt is a long one, as she recalls.

From a school competition, where she found herself put on the spot, when asked to talk about sodium chloride, to starting a business that mimics the salt caves of Eastern Europe to provide relief to people, the journey of Salt World is a long and interesting one.

Salt therapy and sensory deprivation tanks are not your run-of-the-mill treatments that get talked about a lot in a country like India. They do find mention among millennial art and culture, be it in classic sci-fi movies like Altered States or popular sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons. Now, you can avail yourself of these wellness methods in Bangalore, India by visiting Salt World.

About Salt World

Salt World was established in Bangalore in 2017. This was before COVID.  People did not really prioritize their respiratory health and take overall precautions from stress at the rate that they started doing after the pandemic.

After the pandemic, people started focusing more on lung health recovery and many started taking their health seriously. Customers were now genuinely interested in knowing how Salt World worked and in what way salt therapy could help them.

Salt World started with different salt treatments and salt cave therapy. Then in 2019, they introduced Float Therapy (REST - Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy). This provides absolute relaxation in a zero gravity environment through a Sensory Deprivation Tank and is one of a kind in India.

About Salt World

The benefits of these therapies or wellness programs are manifold. They help with asthma, sinusitis, cold and flu, snoring, cystic fibrosis, allergies, and many other respiratory problems. Salt World uses about 3.5 tonnes of pure sea salt to mimic the healing microclimate provided by natural salt caves.

The sensory deprivation through float tanks helps customers enter a meditative state that does wonders for their regular stress levels and associated discomforts. It is more than a wellness retreat, it is an experience.

Salt World relies mostly on word of mouth and the content it puts out on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to attract and retain its customers. Once a prospect is interested in a session, they reach out through the links mentioned in the content.

Prospects are redirected either to the website that helps interested parties know more about the wellness session they want or are asked to directly communicate via WhatsApp. Salt World is one of those businesses that have managed to break free from the cycle of bombarding their customers with emails and SMS that often go unread.

How Corefactors helped Salt World structure and streamline their customer interaction and engagement process?

Challenges Faced

Salt World embarked on a journey in 2017 to introduce novel and natural treatments like Salt Therapy and Float Therapy in a zero gravity environment through a Sensory Deprivation Tank to the Indian market.

However, pioneering the unfamiliar comes with its set of challenges. As a relatively new concept, these therapies were met with a lack of awareness among potential clients. Communicating the benefits and uniqueness of Salt World's offerings posed a significant hurdle.

With most clients being unfamiliar with these avant-garde therapies, the challenge was not just delivering the treatments, but also educating the clientele about their efficacy.

The pivotal issue arose in managing customer inquiries. Initially, relying on calls and WhatsApp messages resulted in a chaotic process. With an influx of over 50 calls daily, tracking and responding to each inquiry became arduous, leading to potential clients slipping through the cracks.

Imagine picking up a client call and spending the next 20 minutes explaining the benefits of salt therapy and how Salt World can help provide the treatment and wellness experience it promises. The customer would be overburdened with information and most of them would not make an appointment.

“For every call, we had to tell every detail over the phone. People lose interest and are not patient. We needed a more structured way of handling client calls and inquiries.” - Deepthi Babu, Founder.

How Did Corefactors Help?

Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach, Salt World implemented Corefactors' smart call routing and management system. The transformation was monumental.

By recording and cataloging all calls, Salt World gained a comprehensive overview of customer interactions. This not only facilitated efficient tracking but also provided valuable insights into client needs and preferences.

Salt World uses Corefactors call logs and call recording feature to keep track of all customer inquiries and interactions over calls.

The ability to monitor employee-client interactions allowed Salt World to ensure consistent and positive communication. With easy access to call records and logs, the team could refine their strategies, aligning services with client expectations.

Salt World no longer struggled with missed opportunities because of a manual system without avenues for recording calls and tracking conversations. At present, they have 4 agents handling all calls and inquiries via other modes of communication like WhatsApp, but with the growth in business, this number will soon increase.

One of the most significant breakthroughs was the shift from extensive phone conversations to concise, structured communication via WhatsApp. By implementing the Gallabox API that comes with Corefactors Integrations, Salt World could now deliver all relevant information over WhatsApp, eliminating the need for lengthy explanations over a call.

Salt World uses Gallabox integration in Corefactors for WhatsApp.

Instead of getting an information dump about their services over the initial calls, customers were now taken through a journey that improved Salt World’s booking rates.

When a customer called, they were given basic introductions and asked to reach out via WhatsApp. Some even reached out directly via WhatsApp as the first point of contact.

Using Gallabox, the bot sent out automated messages as per the client’s requirements. This made the customer journey smoother and helped nurture customers before they came in for their physical appointment at the Salt World offices.

“We started leveraging WhatsApp better after using Corefactors. Customers could now go through all the relevant information as and when they wanted and make up their minds. We saw an increase in the number of bookings by implementing this structured way of customer engagement.” - Deepthi Babu, Founder.
Salt World observed a jump in their monthly bookings after using Corefactors.

What’s Next?

Salt World plans on expanding its business by opening up in two new locations in Bangalore. Besides their Salt Therapy and Sensory Deprivation Tank, they are also planning on introducing two new wellness concepts - Cold Plunge and InfraRed (IR) Sauna.

They plan on continuing their wellness journey and spreading awareness about the benefits of the services they provide.

The story of Salt World is a testament to how a single incident can drive a person to start a successful business that not only provides livelihood but also enhances the well-being of its customers, thus leaving a positive impact on society.