RevOps & CRM - A Combination to Grow Your Business Faster

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Companies with RevOps report experiencing an increase in sales productivity by 10-20%. (Source: Boston Consulting Group)
According to Capterra, more than 45% of companies say their sales revenue has improved with CRM integration.

The major objective of RevOps is to help businesses improve their revenue by introducing the concept of team alignment. It helps brands break silos between teams. CRM, on the other hand, is a modern technology which promotes integrated departments and processes under one roof. With a RevOps-enabled CRM, you can boost revenue and experience immense growth.
But what exactly is a RevOps CRM? That's what we'll cover today. Here in this blog, we are going to understand the concept of CRM with RevOps. We'll learn how the combination of these two can benefit your business and how. So concentrate all your attention here because we are about to start. Let's go!

What is RevOps Enabled CRM?


To understand a RevOps enabled CRM, we first have to understand "RevOps" and "CRM", each of them separately. If your question is What is RevOps then RevOps stands for revenue operations, and it's an approach to align major departments together, such as customer success, marketing and sales.

CRM is an AI-powered solution which is used by businesses to ensure optimal customer relationship management. It also acts as an employee-management tool to maintain productivity throughout business processes.

Now the major objective of RevOps is to maximize revenue. It does that by breaking silos between teams and streamlining all the departments that have a key role in revenue generation together. In other words, it creates a bridge between these departments, allowing each of them to work to their fullest capabilities.

With a RevOps Enabled CRM, that bridge can be created and maintained among departments. Businesses can connect all the revenue-centric departments, maximising sales and goal accomplishments.

How CRM becomes most efficient With RevOps?

First of all, a CRM is an exceptional software on its own. You can use it without RevOps as well. But with RevOps CRM, your rate of growth will improve tremendously. How does that happen? How can a CRM become better with RevOps? Here are some points in that regard:

Better Alignment

With the concept of RevOps, businesses can use a CRM for breaking silos between teams and aligning different departments. A RevOps CRM might help you get better with communication, but with RevOps, you can give the right direction to employees. Your CRM can further ensure that employees are working in that direction.

Concentrated Efforts

The biggest advantage of having a CRM is it puts together all the teams in one dedicated space. But integrating them isn't enough until their efforts are diversified. With RevOps, you can concern employee efforts towards one goal. Further, with a CRM, we can monitor those efforts.

Improved Collaboration

Having better collaboration is an important factor towards revenue growth. RevOps ensures that the sales, marketing and customer success team, work in a trio with each other. To obtain that state, a CRM is used for breaking silos between teams and integrating all of them on one platform. With direct connection with one another, collaboration is improved, and so does revenue.

Optimal Data Usage

Another primary goal of RevOps is to ensure optimal utilisation of data. This goal is fulfilled by a CRM. A CRM such as Corefactors have a wide range of security features, data restrictions being one of them. It allows Administrators to give restricted access to data to teams, sharing only required information.

Which CRM is Best to Increase your Revenue?


Now we have understood that a combination of CRM and RevOps is what we need for revenue growth. When we say RevOps, it usually refers to the RevOps team in a business. It can be created easily, depending on what industry you are in and what your goals are.

But here's the twist - finding the right  RevOps CRM could be difficult. With countless CRM solutions available on the internet, it becomes tough to make a choice. To make things simpler for you, we have already found an ideal CRM for you. It's none other than Teleduce CRM by Corefactors.

CRM is being used by MNCs across the globe to manage their customers and business processes. If you want a value-for-money RevOps CRM, there's no better option than Teleduce. But what makes this CRM so special? Let's find out.

Why is COREFACTORS the Best CRM For Your Business?

There are so many reasons why your business needs this CRM for RevOps. But valuing your time, let's focus on major reasons:

Best in The Market

Do you want to give your business the best software or just any ordinary one? Of course, the best. When it comes to the best CRM, there is no match for Teleduce. Being used by businesses across the world, it has helped so many companies grow. For RevOps, it's the ideal CRM and, therefore, worth investing in.

Advanced AI Solution

Teleduce is an AI-powered RevOps CRM software which makes customer and employee management an effortless task. With AI integrated into your business, you will be able to serve customers 24/7. Besides, the Ai will also give you optimised reports on employee performance and results of marketing campaigns. Insights into those reports can further be used for improvements.

Automation Features

Do you have any such tasks that are being performed daily and in the same way? If yes, then you would definitely need this RevOps CRM. Teleduce has automation features using which you can automate repetitive tasks. Doing this will not just save you time and resources but will also allow you to put your workforce on the right job.

24/7 Employee Monitoring

Delegating responsibilities and assigning jobs to employees isn't enough. Being a business owner or administrative, you have to ensure that those responsibilities are properly taken care of. You can do that using this RevOps CRM. The software allows businesses to monitor their employees' activities and performance in real time, insights into which can help boost productivity.

Improves Customer Experience

Customer experience is what a majority of revenue generation depends upon. If customers are nurtured right, they will offer their trust to your brand. Winning their trust means they will only give their business to you. With a RevOps CRM like Teleduce, the customer success team can have a 360-degree view of customers. This will help them improve the customer journey and hence the revenue.

Final Words

Every business needs a consistent revenue boost to stay ahead of the competition and survive in today's competitive market. A RevOps-enabled CRM is a great way of improving your revenue.

Here in this blog, we have tried to cover almost everything important about RevOps CRM. If somehow we missed something or you want to know more about it, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to interact with you and clear your issue.