Improved Content Manager & Success Box With SPARKTG Integration

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Improved Content Manager & Success Box With SPARKTG Integration

Give your business a new update with all the new feature implementation in Teleduce.

With the pandemic taking its toll on businesses worldwide, everyone is adapting to the new normal.

Therefore, we have also introduced some new exciting features that will not only help you in your business process but also help you in maintaining positive customer relationships.

Here are some of the exciting features in Teleeduce this month:

Duplicate Feature In Content Manager

Duplicate Feature in Content Manager

Duplicate already existing templates in Content Manager. It’s easy to use, time-saving, and requires less manual effort.

Integration With SPARKTG

Integration With SPARKTG

Cloud-based contact center solution service provider helps your business to meet your calling demand and scale faster.

Now use Teleduce for Leadbox and make outbound/inbound calls through SPARKTG calling services.

Location Tracking

Use this feature to save the location address of their leads in the map view.

Get the exact location/address of the lead with easy navigation to address, distance calculation, better traffic planning before one steps out to meet your lead.

Note: this is the location of lead (home, office, etc), not of salesperson/agent.

International Lead Generation

Now capture international leads with Teleduce’s brand new feature. Don’t miss out on any potential lead.

Capture the international leads from various sources like Facebook, Justdial, Sulekha, etc, using Teleduce lead API generation.

Success Box

Success Box

Transaction list upload.

Invalid data download option for uploaded lists

Delete function for both list and corresponding data

Both CSM customer list upload and CSM transaction list upload now store files in AWS S3

Give your business the much-needed update and switch to an integrated platform.

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