Exceptional Customer Success & Smoother Communication

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Exceptional Customer Success & Smoother Communication

It’s no surprise that your business needs powerful automation to keep it running in this time of crisis.

If you’ve been using Teleduce for your business communication and customer success, these new features will definitely help you to increase the sales numbers.

We have made some changes to our support operations in Teleduce for better business communication and customer success. These features are improved keeping in mind the type of businesses it will help.

Some of the new features include:

Support Box (BETA)

Support Box (BETA)

Welcome the brand new ticketing tool in your Teleduce application – Support Box (BETA).

  • Smoothen your customer complaints redressal process.
  • Create, assign, and manage support tickets effectively.
  • Customizable fields as per your requirements.
  • Check overdue issues and address them before escalation.
  • Track the issue resolution process completely without any lapses.
  • Designed for external as well as internal issue redressal process.

WhatsApp Messaging in Lead Box:

WhatsApp Messaging in Lead Box

“WhatsApp Now” feature has been added in Lead Box “Action” items. Using this feature, you can send WhatsApp messages to customers by accessing your WhatsApp application in a new window.

Note: WhatsApp conversation can’t be captured in Teleduce for future reference.

Global Search in List Management

Global Search in List Management

Manage and search contacts in your lists more efficiently by using an all-new “SEARCH” feature in List Management.

Using this you can know which lists contain a particular number, email id, name, etc. just type a minimum of 3 characters in the search field and get the relevant list result.

Success Box

Success Box_ 1

Quick Filters, Transaction manual upload, and much more to look into. Now you can do more with your customer success manager.

You can upload multiple transactions related to a particular customer manually through the CSV import feature.

Quick Filters are available as – All Customers, My Customers, Last Month, etc.

Mobile App Update

Face-to-Face and online meeting options are live now. Select the one based on your requirement whether you are meeting your leads personally or over a web-meeting.

It helps you in easy navigation to your destination using Google Maps, better categorization of your meeting needs, and subsequent follow-up process.

A great business needs a powerful tool to keep track of team productivity and help resolve customer issues quickly.

We hope that you can utilize these new features to the full extent and make your business communication effective.

This set of feature implementation will help you effective list management and online meetings to resolve customer queries.

Teleduce has helped thousands of businesses to sell faster with its unique and fully integrated features. The ability to capture, nurture, manage leads effectively, and making business communication hassle-free are some of the highlights.

With these new features in hand, your business can utilize Teleduce to do multiple tasks and more departments can use it to improve their productivity.

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