Manage Your Customer Success & Support Team Effectively

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Manage Your Customer Success & Support Team Effectively

Do you know that your customer success team can help you retain more customers? The way you support customers and proactively manage their requests goes a long way in building the brand value.

Teleduce has updated some of the best features for you to manage your customer success and support team effectively.

Some of the important updates are:

Customer Success Manager Update

We have made a significant amount of changes in the customer success manager.

The Customer Success Manager menu name has been changed to Success Box. To enable you to search better, flexible data filters are provided now.

The active/recurring customer tab is removed as per our customers’ request. Instead, now applied filter details are displayed.

The customer details view has been changed to adopt space better and allow businesses to display more data.

Also, the data load performance has been improved in the customer details view.

You can view the customer information and custom fields from the Lead Box in the success box.

Now you can easily create transactions, tasks, and notes in the Success box. Information about the dashboard cards has been enabled.

Customer Support Update

There’s been a solution improvement in customer support. You’ll be able to resolve customer problems faster with Email communication.

All the email communication related to a single thread will be shown together for better clarity. You can also reply to the same email thread from the panel.

As a Teleduce user, you’ll be able to see all the unread activities or the emails you have not read. We have created a separate icon for that.

WhatsApp Feature Enabled

This feature will help you to communicate with your prospects and customers directly from your CRM. 

It opens up your personal web WhatsApp in a new tab where you can connect with new leads and communicate with existing customers.

Integration Update

Integration for Tradeindia and Indiamart has been updated. We have changed the logo for the same to avoid any confusion.

Now you can send emails to your prospects and customers using Yahoo mail services.

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