SMS Marketing

How To Use Recruitment Software To Source Candidates

Benefits recruitment software is best to use to source a right candidates for your organization.

SMS Content Template Registration on DLT Platform

A business (individual or company) dealing with products or services should register SMS Content Template Registration on the DLT Platform before sending out the desired SMS to your customers.

How To Create a SMS Campaign?

Creating a SMS Campaign in the Teleduce is explained here. Create the better marketing campaigns easily with this FAQ.

How To Re-target The SMS in Teleduce

Here’s how you can re-target SMS campaign in the Teleduce. The video explaination is attached as well.

How to Draft and Send the SMS Campaign in Teleduce?

Here is the creation of SMS draft in the teleduce is explained. The video explanation is attached.

How to send Language SMS?

Language SMS Refers to the regional languages you wish to send to your target audience through the SMS Campaign.

How to send Personalized Campaign?

A Personalized content gives always a good boost to your campaigns.

How to Edit the SMS Campaign?

This Page explains you on how you can Edit and delete the Campaign.

How to Schedule a SMS Campaign?

Many a times we miss on sending the campaign on time. How good it can be if you have provision to schedule the SMS Campaign.

How to delete campaign?

The Page explains the feature on how to delete the SMS Campaign along with video Explanation.