Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

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Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

To succeed in digital marketing, it's important to streamline marketing activities. For that, you'll need advanced technology like automation. Marketing automation has become a necessity for businesses in today's highly competitive market. But do you know what marketing automation is?

If this technology is new to you, you might hesitate to invest in it. And that’s completely understandable. To help you get a clear idea of marketing automation, we have compiled this blog for you. Keep scrolling to explore marketing automation and its need for your business. Let’s go!

What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation refers to measuring, automating, and streamlining marketing tasks. The major objective of marketing automation is to grow revenue faster and increase operational efficiency. Every organization doesn't matter which industry they come under, has two major end goals - to grow and increase revenue faster at lower costs.

These goals can only be achieved if the technology, processes, and people of an organization are properly aligned. Unfortunately, most business owners struggle in aligning these three. That's when marketing automation comes into play.

It's a technology that helps businesses align processes and people, concerning customers. Marketing automation allows companies to market on a wide range of channels by automating certain repetitive marketing tasks.

This technology enables multiple marketing practices such as Account-based marketing, lead retention, ROI measurement, lead scoring and nurturing, upsell and cross-sell, relationship marketing, segmentation, and lead generation. In addition, marketing automation offers a wide range of benefits. Some of them are as follows.

Benefits of Implementing Marketing Automation Into Your Business

Benefits of Implementing Marketing Automation Into Your Business

Marketing automation can help you improve customer satisfaction, get real-time reporting, and increase ROI and overall business growth. Still not sure about investing in it? Here are some more benefits of using marketing automation:

Add Extra Revenue to Your Treasury

One of the most common benefits of having marketing automation is it saves money. The repetitive tasks you spend money on can be automated to save a considerable amount. But money-saver isn't the only feature of marketing automation. In addition to saving costs, this technology is also known to increase revenue. Yes, you have read right. When you combine prioritization with lead management, ROI on sales activities increases.

Now you might wonder how true that is. Many huge MNCs have reported experiencing growth of 800% in revenues, after the adoption of marketing automation. Moreover, many businesses have also noted to have an additional revenue of $100K with this technology. Furthermore, marketing automation is also popular for helping countless businesses to grow their revenue by more than $1 Million annually in a short period.

Convert and Nurture Leads to Better

According to Mckinsey & Company, more than 30% of sales practices can be automated. Some of those sales activities are following up, pipeline management, appointment adjustments, and various other generation administrative practices. In other words, all those practices that are related to lead nurturing can be automated, saving you a lot of time. Time is one of the most expensive and limited assets for every business.

For every small business, generating leads is the only way to achieve growth. By automating marketing and sales processes, small business owners can spend more time on improving strategies that will generate promising leads. The data from marketing and sales automation stats prove that automation increases lead retention. As per Mckinsey & Company, small businesses with automation in the sales process have experienced an upliftment in sales by up to 10%.

Make Smart And Data-driven Decisions

Data is a crucial factor for the success of any MNC. Unfortunately, it's not possible for every business to efficiently collect and use customer data to improve sales and marketing efforts. Marketing automation helps better understand and collect large databases. The data can further be analyzed to create strategies that boost overall sales. Besides, you can easily find automation features in CRMs, available these days.

Having CRM software with automation capabilities will benefit you in multiple areas. For example, you can easily gather insightful data from your target audience. Using the CRM itself, you can analyze that data and implement the outcomes into your marketing techniques - all using just one software. This eliminates the need for having multiple software for managing multiple tasks. Everything can be done using one CRM, from automating your repetitive tasks to tracking the results.

Refined Marketing Process

Software such as Teleduce CRM allows you to perform marketing automation to map out customer journeys. When you use a combination of AI CRM and marketing automation, it helps you improve your strategies more conveniently. Your CRM will automatically analyze the results of automation and recommend appropriate suggestions. By implementing those edits into your marketing strategies, you can get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Do you know that 44% of customers move to another business if you don't respond to their texts or send timely follow-ups? Using automation, you never have to worry about losing customers through late replies. You can simply automate the follow-up task using Teleduce CRM. This way leads automatically receive timely follow-ups and promotional emails. Using marketing and email automation you can take customer satisfaction to another level.

Personalize Your Customers' Journey

Did you know that approximately 70% of customers search for targeted, original, and exceptional content? Marketing automation tools such as Teleduce automated CRM streamlines the overall process of sending the right content to the target audience through emails. When you choose automation, you ensure that the communication with the target audience remains consistent. Customers are more likely to offer you their loyalty if you put consistent efforts into creating personalized connections.

Having a personalized connection isn't just beneficial for gaining customer loyalty but offers multiple other advantages as well. For example, they are more likely to recommend your brand to others, if you stay in their brain. To stay in their brain, you need to win their attention. Marketing automation helps you improve the customer journey, which further brings customer engagement and higher chances of brand recommendation.

Final Words

The market is becoming competitive as time goes by. Every day new business comes into existence, adding more competitors to your list. If you want to beat your competition and grow, you will need to win customers. You will need to convert and nurture leads better. Using marketing automating the job can be done easily and efficiently.

By automating certain repetitive marketing tasks, you can save time and resources. Those saved assets can further be used in other important tasks such as decision-making, improvement of marketing strategies, etc. If you want to try out automation, invest in Corefactors AI CRM. The software will give you the facility of automation and various other useful features to grow your business. Try it now!