Get a 360 Degree Customer View With Advanced Lead Reporting

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Get a 360 Degree Customer View With Advanced Lead Reporting

This month’s feature update has something in every field. But it focuses more on customer support and customer success, as it can make or break your brand identity.

Retain more customers with your customer success team with these new features introduced in Teleduce.

Here are some of the features that’ll help your business:

Visualize On-field Activities of Your Agents (with Teleduce Mobile App)

Visualize On-field Activities of Your Agents
  • View your agents’ fieldwork and meeting details.
  • Map View – Get an accurate display of the routes taken by them and the distance covered.
  • Know the person and places visited by field agents.
  • Get high-level reporting on your agent fieldwork history.

Advanced Lead Reporting

Advanced Lead Reporting 1
  • Get deep insights about your leads and agents’ performances.
  • Business Managers can compare reports on lead’s various parameters (total 12 combinations available for analysis).
  • Compare your business performance against two different time periods.
  • As well as compare agent performance in two different time periods.
  • Have a selective selection of agents for performance analysis.
  • Number clickable feature to “Know the leads”.

Resolve Faster with Support Box

SLA Creation part
  • Implement 3 levels of ticket categorization.
  • Auto-assign tickets to a particular support team/topic.
  • Define multiple SLAs to cover different business scenarios based on the ticket category.
  • Know 3 types of overdue tickets (Unassigned, First Response Miss, and Resolution Overdue).
  • Get a notification for any unread activity on a ticket.

Scale Faster with Success Box

Scale Faster with Success Box
  • Get a 360-view of customers and maximize the revenue inflow with better customer relationships.
  • Maintain all customers and transaction details in one place.
  • Know your high-value customers, active and recurring customers.
  • New Task management feature – a tool that helps in timely follow-ups without fail.
  • Notes – Maintain notes to know your customer better; be a step ahead always.
  • Improved UI for better understanding.

Update Lead Stage by Order

  • Make your business strict in terms of lead progress.
  • Restrict yourself and your team to skip any lead stage while dealing with a potential customer.

Call Dashboard Changes

Call Dashboard Changes
  • Analyze agents by their average call duration for inbound & outbound calls.
  • Know agents’ success/failure rates on call handling.
  • Know during what time of the day agents were more active or less active on tele-calling activities.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail
  • Now you can use Yahoo mail services to send emails from Teleduce.
  • Get additional information on mail open and ticket status.

Utilize these new features in Teleduce to make your business workflow more efficient.

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