Better Lead And Task Management

The new features for this month are just out and it’s as exciting as it gets.

The January product update comes with a better lead and task management but also an important feature that will allow you to import international leads.

If you have been using Teleduce for a while now, this month’s improved update is surely going to help you in easing your business process even more. The new and improved features include:

International Leads and Lead Stage Feature

International Leads and Lead Stage Feature

In this brand new feature, you’ll be able to import international numbers to the Lead Box and directly take action through Teleduce.

Lead Box also supports uniqueness/duplicate check now with either “Mobile” or “Domain of the email”.

You can also sort and categorize invalid and junk leads with the Lead stage feature.

Advanced Admin Panel Settings

Advanced Admin Panel Settings

IP based access blocking or allowing solution has gone live. Only support can configure this access as of now, that too via admin panel access.

You can create an entry for the user to which you want to allow or block Teleduce access.

We understand the importance of data security and this step ensures all your data is secured as per your discretion.

Task Manager Improvements

Task Manager Improvements

Meeting categorization as “First Meeting” or “Follow-up Meeting” went live in this month’s update.

We have also enabled the Meeting link feature, where you can know the meeting location or if schedule an online meeting.

Profile notification for task notification has also been enabled.

Productivity Report

Productivity Report

There has been a significant improvement in the productivity report management.

The productivity report has count information about fresh meetings, done meetings, and total meetings.

We hope you can utilize these new features in your business and ease your workflow. Manage leads seamlessly and get notified of your daily tasks.

Teleduce has helped thousands of businesses to sell faster with its unique and fully integrated features.

The ability to capture, nurture, manage leads effectively, and making business communication hassle-free are some of the highlights.

Leverage these new features to sell faster and improve your business efficiency.

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