Improved Agent Productivity Report with more insights

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Improved Agent Productivity Report with more insights

New enhancements in agent productivity report will provide you more details than just numbers.

We like to show granular level details to our customers so that they can take right steps to close a deal.

Only numbers are not enough sometimes, if you cannot see the details behind it.

For e.g. your agents have completed 5 meetings today, don’t you wanna know what are those 5 meetings. Or whether these 5 meetings are online meetings only or was there any offline face-to-face meeting with a lead too. If there was face-to-face meeting then who was that lead and what is his current lead stage.

And why only this? Why not, out of 5 meetings, how many were first meetings with your prospect client and how many were follow-up meeting with customers, i.e. deals waiting to be closed.

And which sales agent is performing really well and have secured the top position in tasks or meeting closure. What are the percentage completion ratio of your agents.

Whether overdue tasks counts are more than completed tasks.

These and so many other important questions can be answered using Teleduce New Productivity Report.

Get all these details and more insights and analytics in our new and improved productivity report.

Summary highlights:

  • You can click on those numbers to know all the details.
  • You can also know how many online or F2F meetings are scheduled by applying an improved filter option.

Try it and bring the real improvement in your business growth.