Improved Lead Box With List and Content Management

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Improved Lead Box With List and Content Management

Managing and accessing leads whenever required is as important as generating them.

The February month’s feature update lets you manage your contacts seamlessly.

You can also customize content in the content manager to send it to your target audience.

Keeping in mind the problems our customers face, we have come up with some exceptional changes in this month’s update.

This will help a variety of businesses of multiple statures.

Some of the new features include:

List & Content Management

This month, the pagination feature has been enabled. The access restriction is also enabled for list and content, including public, shared, and private access.

List & Content Management, Pagination

Public, shared, and private access:

Public, shared, and private access_

Through this feature, you can grant access to your preferred group of people in shared access or make it public as you wish.

You can also have private access only to yourself.

Lead Box Improvisation

The push notification feature is enabled in the new feature update. Now if leads are created on the web notifications those can be received on mobile and web as push notifications by default.

Lead Box Improvization

You can also receive meeting notifications on the go. Now meeting invitations for the below events would go to the Lead Box directly and other attendee mail IDs in the meeting.

  • New meeting
  • Updated Meeting
  • Meeting deletion /cancellation

Admin Solution

Admin Solution

Now the business owners can control the Punch in/out access for their users.

Admin User/Business Owner now can punch out/punch in a user under him also see his last login date

This can be useful in stopping lead auto-assign to a user and many other case scenarios in the future.

Recommended Leads

If you are stuck between a mountain of leads, this new feature is going to be really helpful for you. The recommended leads option is now available in Teleduce.

There was also an improvement in the UI of the Homepage. Now there’s an easier option to close tasks on the home page and inside the lead details page.

Also, now you can access the zip file as an attachment in Teleduce.

Leverage these new features from Teleduce to make your business workflow easier.

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