Seamless Telephony Integration|Better Lead Management

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Seamless Telephony Integration|Better Lead Management

How do you connect with your prospects or customers? Do you know that the time that it takes to lose a lead is just 5 minutes?

If you don’t respond to them within 5 minutes there’s a high chance that they will be lost in the lead funnel forever.

That’s where the cloud telephony integration comes into action.

Here are some new exciting features that can help you retain more customers and make your lead management process seamless.

International Number

Teleduce lead API will now support International numbers.

As per the request of our customers, their marketing team needs international numbers to capture leads from the website.

And therefore, we have added this feature to capture better leads from the websites.

Integration With SPARKTG

Integration With SPARKTG

This cloud-based contact center solution service provider helps your business to meet your calling demand and scale faster.

Now use Teleduce for Leadbox and make outbound/inbound calls through SPARKTG calling services.

Content Manager Update

content manager

Duplicate features in the Content Manager are now enabled. Duplicate already existing templates in Content Manager.

It’s easy to use, time-saving and requires less manual effort.

Lead Box Location Feature

lead box location

Now you can maintain your lead/customer office/home location for future reference. We have enabled the Lead location i.e the Location tab for your prospects or customers.

List Management Update

content manager update

The search option in the List Manager has been enabled. It will search for the given data in the list and display the list that contains the required data.

Give your business an update with these new updates from Teleduce this month.

This set of feature implementation will help your business to call your prospects and customers directly from Teleduce if you are using SPARKTG for telephony.

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