Sales Performance

improve sales effectiveness

How to Improve Sales Effectiveness [The Ultimate Guide]

Learn various ways to improve your sales effectiveness and implement it in your business strategy. Execute a customer-centric approach to improve sales.

how to respond when prospect asks for a discount

How To Respond When Prospect Asks For A Discount

It can be challenging for salespeople to manage discount requests from prospects. In this guide, you’ll learn how to respond when a prospect asks for a discount.

sales discovery call

Relevant Questions To Ask During Sales Discovery Call

A two-way conversation and an essential part of the lead qualification process. Do the qualification right with these tips for a sales discovery call.

ways to accelerate sales cycle

How To Accelerate Sales Cycle And Why Is It Important For Businesses

Every business wants to shorten their sales cycle. With this guide, learn what is the sales cycle and what are the different ways to accelerate sales cycle.

convert a lead into sale

Convert A Lead Into Sale With Cold Email Outreach

Plan an effective lead generation strategy to engage and nurture leads. Increase your bottom line by convert leads into sales with cold email outreach.


Putting Sales Actions To Test With Mr. Subramanian Chadramouli

Get to know about 7 sales actions you can take during a crisis. Get expert advice from Mr. Subramanian Chandramouli in the Corefactor’s webinar.

amazing sales reps tools

10 Amazing Tools That Your Sales Reps Must Leverage in 2021

Get insights into tools that make sales tasks easy for your sales reps. With these tools, you will be able to get a wide variety of tasks done in no time.


11 Strategies to Improve Sales Performance and Close More Deals

Improving sales performance is no easy feat. With these 11 sales strategies, you will be able to address sales challenges and improve sales performance.