10 Amazing Tools That Your Sales Reps Must Leverage in 2023

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10 Amazing Tools That Your Sales Reps Must Leverage in 2023

Today’s competitive business world requires companies to create outstanding and reliable sales strategies.

You need to hire the right people with an accurate set of skills, such as excellent communication skills, empathy and in-depth knowledge about the industry.

Once you gather professionals that you would like to work with, you need to train them about your organization and products.

You might think that after proper training, your team is ready to go, but in fact, there is still one crucial thing to do — providing the right tools.

Read on to get familiar with the best solutions for sales teams.

1) CloudTalk – A Smart Call Center Software

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A phone call is still one of the most important communication channels for a business.

Therefore, your sales team probably has to manage a large volume of inbound and outbound calls every day.

CloudTalk comes to save the day with its handy features and insightful analytical module. Thanks to the data, you can manage your team more efficiently.

By using time-tracking software to monitor your team’s performance, you can more easily identify potential issues and assign the right people to the right prospects.

Moreover, features like call recording, call tagging, Power Dialer, and Open API, can boost your team’s workflow.

CloudTalk can be integrated with many tools such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, which is essential for sales reps.

Thanks to integrations with CRM systems and other software, your agents can have access to all data gathered by your company and use it to make more personalized conversations.

2) LiveAgent- An All-in-one Help Desk Solution

LiveAgent can help you manage Customer Support Management, which is also crucial for the sales team.

Current customers can be open to up-selling, and new customers that are interested in your offer might also want to contact your company via email, live chat or social media.

Keep all conversations in the one inbox to have insights about all interactions with your brand and adjust offer and communication.

LiveAgent provides features like e-mail ticketing, real-time live chat, voice and video calls, social media integration, time tracking, tags, service-level agreement, SPAM filters, mass actions, notes, email templates, predefined answers, online ticket history, agent collision detection, and much more.

3) Venngage- An Intuitive Infographics Maker

By using templates, you can easily design beautiful infographics in an intuitive editor. Why does your sales team need this?

With Venngage, your agents can prepare business proposals and reports that are not only filled with data but also aesthetic.

4) Harmonizely- A Calendar Scheduling App

Your agents probably have to schedule many meetings with potential customers. To save time on choosing the best time for online and offline meetings your team should use Harmonizely.

It can be integrated with calendars such as Google, iCloud or Office 365, but also less popular, like Zimbra, Zoho, FastMail, Nextcloud.

Without exchanging tons of emails, you can find the most suitable time for a meeting for your agents and prospects.

5) Corefactors- An Integrated CRM Software


Every sales team should work closely with the marketing department. Why not use one platform for both sales and marketing actions?

Corefactors provides a solution for customer relations management, marketing automation, communication, and reporting.

Thanks to such tools you can make data-driven decisions, understand your customers better and target prospects more precisely.

By tracking various metrics, you can measure visitors’ interests toward specific marketing campaigns.

Once you sync this data with lead box software, you can give your sales team even more insight into a buyer’s interests, actions, and pain points so they can tailor their conversations more effectively.

6) Stackfield – A Project Management Tool

In every organization nowadays, safe communication software is a must-have. In Stackfield, your team can store files, manage tasks and chat. Everything in one secure app.

Thanks to end-to-end data encryption, as well as the usage of compliant with EU-GDPR and ISO-certified data centers, you do not have to worry about the cybersecurity of your company’s and your client’s data.

7) LiveSession- A Session Replay Analytics Software

With LiveSession, you can record visitors’ behavior on your website and find out how they interact with it.

By improving user experience, you can enhance overall customer experience and, as a result, boost conversion.

Make sure your website is intuitive and useful for its visitors.

8) Shared Contacts for Gmail- A Plugin for Sharing Address Books

Your agents will probably appreciate an easier way to share their contacts.

With Shared Contacts for Gmail, you can not only share a group of contacts with coworkers but also manage permissions.

That way, you can easily control who has access to given groups of contacts.

9) Outreach Plus – Personalized Email Marketing Software

With Outreach Plus, your team can generate leads, build relationships, and follow up automatically.

Sales representatives can use cold emails to automate repetitive communication and speed-up their work.

Thanks to personalization, their e-mails can be much more effective. Moreover, OutreachPlus enables tracking all responses in one centralized Inbox and identifying your best prospects for future campaigns.

10) Kontentino- Social Media Management Platform

Even though social media does not seem like a professional channel for sales, nowadays, social networks can be very helpful for your agents.

Social media marketing boosts brand recognition and educates customers about your industry and products.

Once potential customers are aware of your brand, it can be much easier and natural to approach them by agents. Moreover, you can also run lead generation campaigns on Facebook.

Via Kontentino, you can schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as cooperate with your team.

If your agents attend any events and conferences, you should also inform about that on your company’s social media profiles.

In Kontentino, your team can see which posts will be published in the next few days, so that they can be sure which information goes public and when to share posts on their channels. 

We hope that the solutions listed above can be useful for your organization. Remember that you do not need to use every tool.

With your team, try only the tools that can solve some of your issues and make your team more productive and efficient.

Fortunately, most of the tools offer a free trial so that you can check out their features in practice and choose the solutions that work best for your team.

Optimize the workflow with proper software, integrate solutions when it is possible and increase your company’s revenue. 

Once you boost your sales, consider introducing referral programs to encourage loyal customers to become brand advocates. Good luck!