Convert Cold Leads with and Effective Email Outreach

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Convert Cold Leads with and Effective Email Outreach

Ever attended an event? How many emails did you get in your inbox reminding and promoting it?

Email is not a new technology that every business wants to try, but it’s definitely the tried and tested method of lead generation - not only in event marketing.

Your prospects won’t automatically convert into customers by simply being sent through your conversion funnel.

Today’s audience is more informed than ever before.

They are discriminating, frugal and demand immediate attention. They know when you’re sending them a promotional email.

Therefore, you need a solid email marketing plan for converting your leads to customers.

Effective Communication Is The Key

effective communication is the key

Email is not a latest technology that every business wants to try, but it’s definitely the tried and tested method of lead generation.

There’s a pretty good chance that your leads are being marketed to by competitors as well.

So, you need to make sure that your emails stand out from the crowd and don’t sound overly promotional that are likely to be flooding their inboxes.

Include fun quizzes, competitions, and facts about your company or your local area and make sure that your emails don’t read like overly aggressive and pushy sales letters.

It should be interactive and provide value to your customers. Effective communication, all the way!

Relevant promotional emails grab the attention of your leads and make your company stand out.

Use Graphics and Visuals

Use Graphics and Visuals

Most people are visual learners. In fact, roughly, 65% of the population are more likely in the category of visual learners.

Do you know what that means for your business? More leads!

Emails with graphics get 94% more visual attention. But, quality plays a vital role too.

When you’re sending cold emails to your leads, you should keep in mind what kind of target audience you’re dealing with. You can refer cold email templates to nail outreach.

Give your lead a follow-up email or phone call asking them if they have any additional questions. That will often get them back into purchase mode.

This is an effective way of quickly converting leads into sales before a lot of time passes.

Use graphs or charts to quickly display savings and advantages for the product.

You can also add an autoplay video to a landing page to engage them.

Get Email Automation For Your Business

Get Email Automation For Your Business

Automating your email marketing workflow is the first step you can take to save a lot of precious time of your sales team.

It can reconnect with leads you might otherwise have lost. It targets pre-qualified leads and makes your marketing strategy easier.

You can even personalize your automated email, such as in Teleduce from Corefactors.

Personalized emails in particular are far more likely to be noticed. Plus, it reduces unsubscribe rates to a huge extent.

In Teleduce, there are many ways that you can personalize emails, including using the recipient’s name in the subject or greeting, using the name of a real employee for the sender name, and sending emails at the right time of day.

You can also make major changes if you wish to send it to a particular demographic.

Send Relevant Information Through Your Email

Send Relevant Information Through Your Email

Today’s buyers are more skeptical and empowered. If you don’t send relevant content to their inbox, there’s a 90% chance they wouldn’t even open it.

Divide your leads into different segments based on their personas.

Then, you can suit the emails for the different segments to offer highly personalized and user-relevant content.

Few ways you can customize relevant content are:

  • Altering the language to resonate with different audiences.
  • Sending out different content on different topics.
  • Making customized discounts based on purchasing and searching habits.
  • Offering suggested products or services based on requirements or past purchases.

This might seem a long and drawn-out process, sending out the right emails and relevant content, but it will help build a good relationship with your prospects.

Using relevant emails instead of promotional ones will help prospects to see that you aren’t trying to sell to them, but rather there to help them solve a problem or make their lives better.

This will help in building brand loyalty and get prospects familiar with your brand, and by the time you’re ready to start promoting your products or services, the prospect will be ready to listen.

Follow Up And Ask For The Next Action

Follow Up And Ask For The Next Action

Remember to follow up on all the leads. This might seem obvious, but sometimes there’s a lot of lead leakage due to improper actions.

That’s another reason why you should trust an integrated sales and marketing tool to convert a lead into a sale.

It will ensure that all the leads are segregated nicely and remind you to follow up with them.

The process is automated and you don’t need to fuss about it. Always add a call-to-action button so that they can contact you whenever they want to.

Ask them questions so that they would want to answer back to you. Ask them if they would want a free demo or an audit report and give them a chance to think over it and reply.

Also, you need to establish a deadline for every lead. If the lead hasn’t had any communication with you for more than 30 days, you might want to follow up with him asking if he’s still interested but if it doesn’t cause a reaction, it’s probably the time you should remove it from your marketing funnel.

It will prevent your sales team from wasting valuable time and energy on a dead lead.


It can be overwhelming to trust in a marketing strategy that’s decades old.

But, it’s still a very effective digital marketing tool that all the businesses can benefit from.

It can be tailored for every individual using specific segments. Nurture leads in their decision-making process with an automated system.

Send out emails and information with the help of a powerful tool that manages email campaigns and scores leads.

The key to converting a lead into a sale using cold emails is to start slow and provide high-quality and relevant information to your prospects.

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