Small business marketing methods

11 Best CRM Software for Small Business in 2021

Average ROI on CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. Yes, that’s 8 times more than you invest. Looking for a CRM for small business? Here’s the list to choose the best.

How to Get a 1800 Toll-Free Number for Your Business in India

Toll free numbers enables customers to call and interact with a business for free. Find out why and how to get a toll free number for business in India.

Kenny Talks on Scaling Small Business at Corefactors Webinar

Want to learn how to scale your small business? Listen Kenny Schumacher talking about the art of scaling and selling business in this Corefactors Webinar.

7 Marketing Key Performance Indicators That You Should Track

Key performance indicators in marketing are used to measure your company’s performance relative to your goals so you can hone on all the vital metrics.

9 Reasons You Need Workflow Automation for Your Small Business

Workflow automation for small business helps you build stronger relationships with leads, send higher quality leads to your sales team, and save your time.

5 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Learn 5 most important digital marketing strategies for your small business to improve the brand awareness and help businesses find more customers online.

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses in 2020 (9 Tips)

Facebook can be an extremely useful marketing tool for small businesses who are looking for ways to reach customers. Find the most effective Facebook marketing strategy for small business.

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Best Email Marketing Practices for Small Businesses [Complete Guide]

What is email marketing? It is a tool for you to spread awareness, promote, and build relationships. Learn advanced strategy in this guide from Corefactors.

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Attn #Startups – Corefactors Uses These 75 #Sales Lead Generation Techniques

Looking for lead generation techniques? Here are the 75 leads generation techniques we share with you to generate, capture and nurture with lead management system.