9 Reasons You Need Workflow Automation for Your Small Business

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9 Reasons You Need Workflow Automation for Your Small Business

Small businesses are always looking for ways to simplify the various routine tasks they need to perform with great frequency.

This is where workflow automation for small business comes in. With workflow automation, the possibility of making mistakes greatly reduces which further improves the professionalism of the company.

With proper use of workflow automation tools, small businesses can streamline their business operations, increase overall efficiency, improve productivity, and lower cost.

What is Workflow Automation Software?

Let’s begin with what is workflow. It is a series of automated actions that you can automate or trigger to occur based on a person’s behavior.

Workflows can be used to send mails, even enhance email marketing campaigns, update, add or remove contact information, trigger notification, etc.

Workflow saves your precious time, diminish errors, prevents your productivity from slashing into bits.

And fortunately, there’s a technology that can automate mind-numbing tasks and boost your productivity.

These are Workflow automation software like Teleduce that can streamline almost all your business processes.

Teleduce offers multitudes of workflow automation tools like advanced workflows, and process intelligence, so your business can map out your processes, execute them, and monitor their performance.

Now workflow automation for small businesses benefits almost every department.

Let’s have a look at why your business needs workflow automation and how it can help you work smarter, not harder.

How Can Marketing Benefit From Workflow Automation System?

1. Lead Nurturing

You generate and collect leads from multiple sources, but if you are not managing these leads properly, you’re just wasting your time, marketing resources, and money.

And being a small business, you certainly cannot afford that. But how do you assist these leads to become sales-ready? This is where the best lead management system comes in.

You send an automated series of emails to your leads at an early stage in order to pre-qualify them before handing them over to your sales team.

This can be done by workflow automation system as you can set it to nurture certain prospects by segmenting them and send them email offers.

You can even automate posting social media updates and even schedule your complete social media calendar.

2. Email Automation

Are your contacts just sitting dormant in your database? Your answer might be yes if you are not using any workflow automation.

Email marketing automation can not only help you convert leads to customers but you can also encourage your existing customers for upsells and additional purchases.

Now you don’t have to prepare email lists, send generic messages, or schedule events manually just set up email automation and you are done!

Let’s have a look at workflow automation examples for email marketing:

  • You can create a workflow to send a personalized automated email that can get triggered in a number of ways like when a new contact gets added to a list or when a user submits a form on your website, or when a user clicks a link in an email or digital ad.
  • Send an automated welcome email when a user subscribes to your blog.
  • Workflows can also be customized and created when you use Missed call marketing and send automated mail when you receive a missed call. Similarly, SMS can also be automated when a trigger is activated with a promotional SMS service.

3. Save time with Workflow Automation

When you are running a small business you want to waste less time by automating things. But this doesn’t mean you are ready with any automation rules, you want to define the rules that you want, and then be able to automate the process.
Workflows not only make that possible but even make it easy. By using a CRM with workflow automation like Teleduce, you can now trigger actions based on any information you have about your leads. This will allow you to send the right message to the right person at the right time, not missing out on any lead.
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Workflow Automation Benefits For Sales

4. Workflow for Data Entry Task

The most tedious and inefficient tasks in the working world is manual data entry.

It not only puts your sales team to sleep but also wastes their valuable time and company resources. Also, constantly updating each and every prospect is an arduous job.

You can consider workflow automation among your productivity hacks and bring consistency to your data.

Like, for example, every time you contact a lead, you can set a trigger to mark the lead as ‘contacted’, or set a certain workflow to change their status from cold to warm or hot.

5. Leads Rotation

You spend a lot of time, effort and money in getting new leads, but sometimes the leads don’t reach the right sales representative on time which may result in losing them.

To avoid this manual task to handing over leads to the right person, you can create workflows to automatically assign leads based on certain criteria set by you. This could be any action like new form submissions, deals created, etc.

Sales workflow automation is one of the best productivity hacks for small business since they help eliminate the time and effort that goes into manually deciding who owns every single new lead.

This will also allow you to focus on building a relationship and closing business.

6. Task Reminder

With plenty of ongoing processes and complexity, it is hard to remember each and every task that you have to do.

Workflows can be set to remind you and your team to do important things. Like for example, it can guide your sales representatives through each stage of prospect outreach so that nothing falls through the cracks.

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Workflow Automation For E-commerce

7. Automate Shipping and Delivery Updates

Small e-commerce business faces a lot of challenges when it comes to handling logistics. This is because they usually outsource packing, shipping, and delivery to external logistics providers.

This means they have limited control over the logistics process but they have to provide great customer service with exact delivery time slots and live order updates.

Implementing efficient delivery routing software can significantly streamline this process, offering greater control and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Workflows can be created from the moment the customer places his order until it is delivered. At each stage, customers receive automated emails with tracking details and showing the status of the order.

With automated email notifications, you can keep the customer engaged and build trust. Additionally, you can use a warehouse management system to keep a check on all the processes of the products, the shipment time, and more.

8. Admin Tasks Automation

When you are a small business, you probably don’t have a lot of staff to manage every menial task.

This is where workflow automation can help you by handling your time-consuming admin tasks.

You can create various workflow automation like preparing a daily list of orders that need to be shipped and should pass it to the logistics company, qualify orders that are ready to ship or handling returned or canceled orders.

9. Rewarding Customers

When you are running a small E-commerce business, you certainly want your customers to visit again and purchase it again from you.

Workflow automation can help you to send thank you emails to customers who have made a purchase or remind customers to make a repeat purchase after a specific time has passed or offer discount coupons to repeat customers to entice them.

You can create a number of workflows that trigger when a customer places an order and you want them to return.

Execute Workflow Automation with Teleduce

For a small business, undertaking manual tasks can cost you a lot of effort, money, and time while giving inconsistent and unreliable output.

Workflow automation for small businesses with an integrated lead management system CRM like Teleduce will improve your business.

You can begin with automating repetitive tasks that are performed manually but aren’t adding much value and then identify workflow requirements for other processes and prioritize them for automation. Similarly, adopting a dedicated roofing CRM system, like the one featured on ServiceTitan's roofing CRM, can significantly enhance customer relationship management and project tracking specifically tailored for roofing businesses.

This way you can minimize human errors, increase collaboration and increase marketing ROI.

Ready to create some workflows? Get a head start. Request your free trial of Teleduce today!