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Build and manage content for cross channel campaigns


Deliver & manage contextual campaigns across channels


Auto engage instantly and score leads based on activities


Monitor campaigns and visualize sales pipelines better than before.

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Easy Content Manager & Flexible List Management

Teleduce helps brands to create their content using in-built campaign designer and save them as template for future re-use. There is also auto-suggestion engine where relevant content are recommended (which are optimized for conversions).

List Management in Teleduce has powerful feature called Targets where multiple groups of contacts can be created from a single list. Multiple Targets can be used in a single campaign without creating separate lists.

Leadbox - Smart & Powerful Lead Management

Lead Box in Teleduce provides an easy to understand Dashboard to monitor the stages of leads. It enables 1 click communication to all leads right from the Dashboard.

You can also track all the communications happened with a lead at one place. As a business head of an )Organization this helps to scale the sales operations with complete visibility and control.

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Multi-channel Marketing & Communication

Teleduce enables Lead Generation campaigns across Multiple Channels. This helps to track interests of the leads and to re-engage with them at the right channels. You can run campaigns using Landing pages, SMS, Email, Missed call, Recorded Voice Call & Social Media at one place.

Teleduce also helps to record all your communications at one place without switching to Multiple Tools. Track all your Emails, Calls, Social Media updates. This helps to rightly attribute your Marketing Campaigns with conversions in sales.

Marketing Analytics - Intuitive Reports

Teleduce with its connected capability helps to Generate Campaign Performance Reports, Marketing Team Productivity Reports, Sales Team Productivity Reports and visualize Lead Activities and Sales ROI at one place any time.

Teleduce also allows you to configure the Reports matching to your Business Requirements. We ensure you get the Right details in an intuitive way to increase your Sales and Marketing efficiency.

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