Ezovion maintains speed to lead with a five-minute lead response time using Corefactors as their CRM.

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Ezovion uses Corefacors CRM to maintain their response time at five minutes.
"Corefactors as a CRM matches all the requirements of our sales team." - Senior Sales Manager

The Company

Ezovion is a leading suite of intelligent healthcare software that is changing the landscape of the healthcare management ecosystem.

They cater to multiple stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Ezovion’s services and solutions come in the form of a connected digital healthcare platform that can be used by clinics, hospitals, day-care centers, and workforce management, to name a few.

Revolutionize hospital Operations with Ezovion

The solutions provided by Ezovion come in a modular format, customizable to meet the requirements of any and every department, be it Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy, or even Accounts.

The company started with a vision to mend the gaps in the healthcare industry through innovation and technology. A combined experience of more than two decades in the IT industry, with a major part in the healthcare domain, gave the founders the perfect opportunity to use their expertise.

Ezovion acts as a digital front door to all the healthcare needs.

About Ezovion

Rooted in Chennai, The Ezovion runs a pan-India operation and has an approach to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe as well. The solutions are flexible to the point that the front-desk workforce can use them, as well as the CEO or the Medical Director of Hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Since its inception, Ezovion has already onboarded 125 hospitals and is also working with multiple reputed channel partners. These hospitals include single-speciality as well as multi-speciality ones. Nursing homes and rehabs also use Ezovion’s services and solutions. The user size is not a limitation when it comes to using the application.

Ezovion’s product works as an integrated solution where the user can avail the modules of their needs. The product packages are fully customizable and can cater to all your healthcare needs.

The Healthcare IT industry cannot compromise on data security, privacy, and having zero downtime. Ezovion’s solutions come with an in-built algorithm and encryption software. Users do not have to rely on third-party providers for their data security. Image encryption along with geo-fencing also adds an extra level of security against both internal and external data threats.

The application makes use of cutting-edge technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), speech-to-text enablement, image-based diagnosis, patient portals, and engagement sites. The platform has AI/ML capabilities that take the health-tech implementation to the next level.

The Challenge

Operating pan-India services and standing out as a leader in the industry comes with its challenges. With the influx of leads, mostly from campaigns run via Google ads, from their website, and organic searches, having a robust CRM tool to track and manage lead data becomes a necessity. Manual handling through Excel only slows down the process and increases the risk of human errors.

In the healthcare industry, it is all about timing. Ezovion operates on a model in which the sales professionals reach out to every lead within the first five minutes. They required a system that would alert the sales agents as soon as a new lead was generated so that the call could be made in the given time frame.

Doing all this manually was causing lead leakage, which a business cannot afford especially when they have a relatively higher customer acquisition cost.

Ezovion also needed a system that could help with monitoring the productivity of the sales team and analyzing the lead quality.

The Corefactors Solution

The Ezovion team started their customer data and relationship management by using Excel and then they moved on to ZOHO. However, there was something that could make them realize that they were still lacking somewhere. They were yet to find a CRM that could be a perfect fit for their business requirements in that case.

And guess what, Corefactors filled in that gap.

  1. Lead Management

Ezovion generates its leads either organically or through Google Ad campaigns. Their website ranks higher and they have a bulk of leads coming in every day. Corefactors automatically capture the leads from different sources.

Auto capture leads from different sources with Corefactors CRM

As soon as a lead gets captured, the agents are notified via Email and the subsequent process ensues. There are no missed leads because of the CRM’s auto-capture feature.

“Coefactors CRM is very customizable and it has solved our needs. It keeps us updated with lead information in a way that helps the sales team do their jobs better. A major feature that was missing in ZOHO was the ability for agents to see each others’ lead details. This particular feature not only helps the manager to overview the work but also brings transparency and accountability in the team.” - Senior Sales Manager
Capture Lead Details with Corefactors

The CRM also comes with the ability to enter notes against each lead which helps in chalking up and personalizing the sales pitch and subsequent communications.

Update notes against each lead in the Corefactors CRM

2. Contact Management: Speed to Lead

As soon as the CRM captures the contact details, they are assigned to respective agents based on Ezovion’s internal criteria. The most important thing here is to establish a connection with the prospect within five minutes of lead generation.

The Ezovion sales team has the Corefactors mobile application installed on their phones. Whenever a new lead is updated in the system, they can follow the due process and immediately make a call after the leads have been assigned.

The call details are uploaded on the CRM and are used later on for reference or audit purposes. The manager can then have a look and assess the work of the team as a whole. The notes section as mentioned above can also be used to analyze lead quality.

Capture call details in the Corefactors CRM

All these features as a package enable Ezovion to establish the first contact within five minutes and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Bulk Communication

With a client base as large and varied as Ezovion, a bulk communication tool was necessary. Corefactors CRM already managed all the customer data and also doubled up as a bulk communication tool.

With the data stored in the CRM, SMS, and Email campaigns could be personalized by addressing the customers by their names, tailoring content based on their preferences, and sending targeted offers.

Specific events could trigger previously set-up automated SMS and Email campaigns such as welcome emails, follow-ups after a purchase, or reminders for upcoming payments and other such cases.

This communication feature also comes with the ability to track and analyze. The team could monitor the performance of the SMS and Email campaigns, and track their open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and other metrics to assess the campaign's effectiveness.

Track and Measure campaign performance rates on Corefactors CRM

4. Notifications and Reminders

Automated reminders for follow-up tasks with leads or clients ensured timely response to inquiries, quotes, or other interactions. This helped organize and centralize customer information.

When tasks, meetings, or follow-ups were scheduled, the CRM sent notifications to ensure the agents never missed a critical event. The assigned agents were also notified when there were any updates or changes in the status of a lead. In this way, everyone on the team stayed informed about a new opportunity or a potential issue and could make strategic decisions.

Easy lead follow-up with Corefactors CRM

This feature helped in managing deadlines for deliverables, customer requests, and other time-sensitive tasks.

Future Plans

Ezovion presently caters to small and mid-size hospitals and healthcare institutes. In the next three years, they plan on onboarding 2,500 hospitals on a global scale and reaching ten million dollars in revenue.

They look forward to extending their services in Europe and the Middle East by joining hands with other partners.

Irrespective of the strong competition in the Health IT industry, Ezovion aims to stand tall with its value-added capabilities and feature-rich solutions on the platform. They have a relatively high conversion rate by B2B SaaS standards and aim to go higher in the coming years.