AIF & PMS Experts India manages assets worth 350 Crores with Corefactors as their CRM Partner

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AIF & PMS Experts India Success Story

Some say knowledge is power. Others say money is power.
Imagine how powerful knowledge about money would be!

Financial knowledge and expertise are akin to a coveted treasure. Especially when it comes to investment of a sizable amount of money (think hundreds of crores worth.)

High-value investments that deal in hundreds of crores require proper risk analysis and experienced professionals to advise the investors.

Investors are often on the lookout for insights from research analysts to make the best-suited investments after a thorough evaluation of risk appetite. AIF & PMS Experts India is a reputable digital advisory platform that brings more than two decades of experience in the field.

The platform has been designed to collect information and insights from fund houses. They then use their internal framework to screen these funds and provide investors with relevant data points to allocate money.

“We are proud to announce that we now manage 350 crores worth of assets” - Vikas Agrawal, Founder & CEO.

Dealing with a client base that consists of High and Ultra-high Net Worth Individuals, comes with its share of risks and requires due diligence. The chances of losing clients to competition in the absence of prompt response are also high.

AIF & PMS Experts India needed a CRM platform that would aid them in reducing their response time, quickly and effectively connecting with prospects to understand their needs, and automating engagements to leave a meaningful impact on all their clients.

The Company

AIF & PMS Experts India, as the name suggests is a digital platform of experts who specialize in alternative investment funds and portfolio management services.

The platform uses its internal 3I framework to monitor quality, compartmentalize processes, and strategize investments.

About AIF & PMS Experts India

Headquartered in Pune and established on 1st May 2020, AIF & PMS Experts India can trace its origin to one problem and its value proposition.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult time for all - mentally, physically, as well as financially. It was no different for founder and CEO, Vikas Agrawal.

Vikas noticed that the investor community struggled with the right scheme identification and making the best-suited investment decision. He decided to do something about it and built a platform that would serve as an interface between clients and portfolio managers.

Today, AIF & PMS Experts India acts as a boutique wealth management outfit. It takes on the role of an aggregator and provides consolidated performance reports of high-quality portfolio managers in India.

Clients can come on the platform to go through the data available, extract the performance of different schemes, and learn about the benefits of investing in them.

A platform to extract exact and relevant product details and make smart investment decisions.

Challenges and the Corefactors Solution

Solution to AIF&PMS challenges

#1 Efficient Lead Data Storage and Management

AIF & PMS Experts India has an audience of 15,000+ subscribers on their website.

“With the help of technology, we reach out to our clients and engage with them. For example, we do podcasts and invite portfolio managers, understand what is happening in the market, and share that knowledge with our clients through YouTube.”

Picture this: A prospective investor watches a video on their YouTube channel, piquing their interest in a particular portfolio manager's performance. They reached out expressing this interest.

With the CRM, AIF & PMS Experts India can seamlessly identify and capture this lead in the lead box, follow up with lead requirements, and track their interaction.

Lead capture

#2 Auto-dialer Feature

Once a lead is captured in the lead box, Corefactors AI CRM provides an auto-dialer feature that immediately connects agents with the prospects.

They can then interact and understand the prospect’s problem and requirements. The CRM also provides the facility to take down notes during this interaction and set up alerts for follow-up meetings.

Auto dialer

Before using Corefactors, the experts would generally let a day pass after lead generation, before they reached out to the leads. By that time the client would have already invested in a product and would no longer require the service.

Through the autodialer, this manual process is now automated. As soon as the lead is captured, an automated call can be triggered to the agent's phone and when the agent answers the call, the call gets connected to the lead.

If the designated agent is unavailable, the CRM provides two options - the call can be passed to another agent or the call can be triggered to 3-4 agents simultaneously, and whoever answers the call first, is connected to the lead, and the remaining calls to other agents get dropped.

If the lead answers the call, the call is automatically recorded for future reference.

#3 Automation

Reaching out to an audience that is 15000 members strong is no easy task. You cannot possibly have one message that fits all in this scenario. AIF & PMS Experts recognize this bottleneck.

That is the reason they opted for Corefactors AI CRM, which helps them automate journeys and personalize engagements with a diverse array of clients.

By setting up automated workflows, the CRM increases productivity and enriches customer experience.

#4 Prompt Customer Service

AIF & PMS Experts India is a technology-driven initiative in a field that has never seen this before. They aim to bridge the gap between investors and their portfolio managers through a digital platform.

To realize their aim, a start-up of their stature and client base needs regular and prompt support when it comes to technology.

“I have had experience with bigger players in the CRM industry and one of the reasons we chose Corefactors is its excellent customer support. Being a technology-driven startup we require prompt issue resolution and support when using a new platform. Corefactors really stood out in this aspect.” - Vikas Agrawal, Founder & CEO.

With its plethora of features, navigating and utilizing a CRM to its full potential might require some help, and the Corefactors support team is always a call or email away.

#5 Client-centric and User-friendly Interface

Nothing about an unconventional wealth management firm that manages assets worth INR 350 core reads simple and easy.

The research analysts at AIf and PMS Experts India deal with high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and analyze their risk appetite daily. To make work easy, they require a tool that is easy to navigate and meets all their customer use cases.

Corefactors AI CRM- user friendly navigation and interface

The Corefactors AI CRM easy-to-navigate interface minimized the learning curve for AIF & PMS experts when it comes to using a new platform.

The CRM platform is clean, intuitive, and logically organized, enabling the experts to quickly adapt to what they do best: share their expertise with clients.

The fields in the Lead Box are customizable, allowing users to cater to different client needs. The design goes beyond aesthetics and helps the user meet diverse client demands.


The digital advisory platform is 14 members strong. They expect to increase their team size to 20 soon. A small team working hard to boost the growth spurt realizes the importance of productivity. Corefactors CRM has helped the team in this aspect

Be it the removal of manual tasks like following up on leads individually or leveraging the automated workflows to put out interactive and enriching content, AIF & PMS Experts India is making it big in the advisory space.

While they monitor and inspect risks related to investments and help investors participate in capital markets, Corefactors helps them manage their customer relationships.