Aditi Tracking Improves its Lead Management Efforts with Corefactors as their CRM

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Aditi Tracking improves its lead management efforts with Corefactors CRM.

Aditi Tracking is a leading Fleet Management and Telematics service and solution provider to thousands of vehicles across India. They started their journey in 2011 and have become industry leaders in asset tracking and advanced telematics.

Aditi Tracking is headquartered in Mumbai, with partners and branches scattered across 9 states and 13 locations in the country. It proudly wears almost 12 years of brand legacy with its complete fleet management solution offering that makes Aditi Tracking India’s best GPS tracking and a leading Telematics company.

About Aditi Tracking

Some of the milestones achieved by the company since its inception involve partnering with government projects, being the first to introduce a fuel monitoring solution, and working with 20+ PSU projects, among others. It is ISO accredited and has AIS 140 and CMMI level 3 certifications.

Both fleet and individual vehicle owners can use Aditi Tracking to track their vehicles anytime anywhere. Customers have an elevated vehicle tracking experience with access to all features and information on a single dashboard.

Aditi Tracking provides a complete fleet and vehicle management solution through its plethora of products.

Aditi Tracking Services and Products

Fuel Monitoring and GPS Tracking are two of their flagship products. For fuel monitoring, a device is inserted in the fuel tank and a sensor is attached to the dashboard to track fuel consumption and mileage. It also helps monitor fuel theft.

Aditi Tracking provides a mobile application for customers to log in, check, and keep an eye on their fleet or vehicle on the go.

Challenges Faced Before Using Corefactors

Lead tracking and management activities were solely dependent on Google Sheets. This process was not only manual and time-consuming but also not optimally organized.

The marketing team ran campaigns on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Leads from these sources along with those coming from the website and the different webinars and exhibitions Aditi Tracking held or was a part of, were tracked manually.

Lead analysis and monitoring relied on manual efforts. This affected the efficiency, productivity, and overall time taken in closing a sale.

“It was too hectic. We wanted a platform where we could gather information from different channels onto a single bucket.” - Sameer Kamble, Senior Marketing Executive.

After running an ad campaign, the marketing team had to manually go to each platform and collect the reports. This was followed by extracting the required data from the reports onto a sheet that could be shared with the others. This was time-consuming and there was no proper process and pipeline in place for follow-ups.

After the lead data was captured manually, the sales team followed suit. The same story continued, with sharing separate Google Sheets and lead updates with individuals.

The Aditi Tracking team was struggling with and wanted help in automating all these tasks. They were looking for a single platform for sharing data and staying up-to-date on lead progress details.

How Corefactors Helped?

Aditi Tracking loves Corefactors for these factors.
  1. Marketing: Automation and Analysis

Corefactors CRM allowed setting up automated engagements that saved a lot of time and resources in marketing efforts.

The team no longer had to manually send out emails or SMS to their target audience. Setting up marketing automation became easy in three simple steps.

The marketing content was uploaded onto the Content Manager and the list of recipients (their contact numbers and email addresses) was entered into the List Management tool on Corefactors. The campaign was then set up in the Marketing Box.

Corefactors CRM Marketing tools and features.

Pre-designed templates were also available to make the content more visually engaging. The marketing efforts started bearing marvelous results after using Corefactors.

“In the first 2-3 months, before using Corefactors, we were generating hardly INR 1 lakh revenue through marketing campaigns. After we started using corefactors in April, for about 7 months, we generated INR 20 lakh revenue per month through marketing campaigns.” - Sameer Kamble, Senior Marketing Executive.

Generating more leads through marketing wasn’t the only positive outcome. The CRM data also shed light on the quality of leads generated and helped optimize the marketing strategy to target more quality leads.

2. Effective Lead Management

The sales, support, and management team started using Corefactors CRM to monitor and manage leads.

The records of leads generated from multiple marketing campaigns as well as from offline activities were now automatically captured in the CRM. This was followed by automated lead assignment to different agents based on pre-defined conditions.

Lead capture from different sources in Corefactors CRM

They no longer had to manually track down each lead from their respective sources and then take them up. The sales and inside sales team became more efficient when these redundant tasks were automated using Corefactors CRM.

“Corefactors helped us with a platform to gather all lead data and monitor them on a single dashboard. It is very easy to navigate and integrate according to our requirements. Our inside sales team was also able to manage leads, do follow-ups, and assign the leads to different salespeople.” - Sameer Kamble, Senior Marketing Executive.
Aditi Tracking now effectively manages 22000 leads in the Corefactors CRM

3. Disciplined Sales Process

“Previously, everything was tracked manually and we had a small sales team, but now it is bigger. We also have an inside sales and support team. With Corefactors CRM, the entire sales process has become more disciplined. This has helped our business grow.” - Sameer Kamble, Senior Marketing Executive.

Aditi Tracking was able to provide more structure to the sales process and make it organized. Policies are now in place to ensure proper structure and a smooth sales operation.

Tracking individual as well as overall team performance using the reports and checking up on meeting details on Corefactors CRM helped implement these policies.

Leaders could view the reports on the CRM or download them in an Excel sheet for later use. This option of downloading reports helped leaders keep an offline copy with them and use it whenever needed without having to log onto the CRM platform.

Team reports help streamline the sales process
“All information could be updated on Corefactors and this helped in lead quality analysis and closing leads faster. We could monitor lead stages - cold, warm, hot, this helped us customize our follow-ups.”- Sameer Kamble, Senior Marketing Executive

The reports provide detailed insights into the number of leads converted by each agent. It also divides the leads into different lead types - hot, warm, and cold, and shows their distribution and progression along the sales cycle.

These reports helped leaders monitor which agents have more hot leads and which ones have more cold leads. Insights from the reports thus helped monitor bottlenecks in sales performance and implement strategies to combat them.

Overall View

With their repertoire of services provided and customers served Aditi Tracking emerged victorious in all they promised and aimed to achieve in the fleet management, telematics, and GPS tracking industry.

With an increasing client base, they had, very early on, realized the importance of having a one-stop solution for all their customer relationship management needs. They recognized the challenges faced in business growth and took prompt action by implementing a CRM system.

It was successful - The fleet management solution can now not only effectively track and manage vehicles but is doing extremely well with its marketing, sales, and support measures.