Facebook Ads With CRM Integration

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Facebook Ads With CRM Integration

Facebook has always been ahead in the marketing genre. Gradually, it has introduced features to scale its user-base.

Facebook Ads is an advertising tool businesses can use to generate leads and it is great for mobile users.

CRM allows businesses to build and manage relationships with their customers. Facebook Ads with CRM integration can ensure that the leads you generate through your Facebook Ad campaigns are followed up regularly and help you increase your revenue.

Integrate Your CRM With Facebook

Integrate Your CRM with Facebook

Facebook has over 2.07 billion monthly users. That basically means you have a pool of leads to select from if you run Facebook ads to generate leads.

The best part is it’s a lot easier. The form-filling process is faster as the data is automatically taken from the user’s Facebook profile.

It’s safe and secure as the business will not receive any information about the user until they click “submit”.

Facebook stores the lead’s information and it can be downloaded manually in a CSV file within 90 days. Downloading it is a fairly easy process.

The exported file can be opened in Excel, Apple’s Numbers, or LibreOffice. You can use Google sheet to import it manually into your CRM.

But there’s a catch. By the time you import it manually, the leads become cold. It might be difficult to convert them. Even if you send automated emails and SMS the leads which have escaped your sales funnel.

Research suggests that you should contact a lead within 5 minutes to expect any conversion. Response time more than that can cause lead leakage.

And, if you forget to export the lead data within 90 days, Facebook deletes them.

The solution to this problem is Facebook Ads with CRM integration.

Why CRM integration is Important for Facebook Ads?

Why CRM integration is Important for Facebook Ads_

Given the 5 minutes response time to convert any lead, it’s important to integrate your CRM with Facebook Ads.

It allows you to use different lists to manage your leads. You can leverage it quickly to get in touch with your leads so that you can nurture them before they get cold.

Connect your CRM with Facebook Ad campaigns with an integrated sales and marketing tool.

With this, you can export your leads directly to the CRM without having to manually download them and export them in a CSV file.

It’s safe, easy, and quick and sends an auto-response to your leads welcoming them and giving them opt-in offers without any manual efforts.

This is a good way to pitch for a free trial on your product or an audit report on their website if you provide any services like that.

Customize Your Facebook Ads

  • Your ad should have more context. You will be convincing your audience to do some specific actions. Include specific but simple call-to-action buttons, and consider adding images or videos to your ad.
  • The call-to-action button is mandatory.
  • Under what type of information you’d want to collect from your leads, select the option to create a new form.
  • After giving a relevant name to your form, select the most relevant line of business, choose your language, and click on next to proceed.

Note: The language you select will be the one your audience views.

Integrate Facebook Ads With Email Autoresponders

Integrate Facebook Ads with Email Autoresponders

Interacting with your leads is a continuous process. From lead capture to customer retention you need to be in constant contact with them to nurture them into your sales funnel.

Doing this manually will take a lot of time and energy. Email autoresponders can be of huge help in a scenario like this.

Drip email marketing is a great way to build customer relationships and guide them through the sales cycle.

Email autoresponders are already integrated into the CRM so that your user interaction doesn’t get hampered.

The moment a lead signs up through a Facebook Ad, they receive personalized automated emails welcoming them.

Your Facebook Ad can end with a link or a call-to-action button.

Some of the examples are:

“Your FREE DEMO is scheduled for X day. Mark your calendar.”

“After submission – Visit www. (your website) com”

“Find the FREE eBook here. Get in touch with us.”

Benefits of Integrating Your CRM with Facebook

Benefits of Integrating Your CRM with Facebook

Saves Time and Efforts

You no longer have to manually download your leads from Facebook and save them in excel sheets and then import them to your CRM manually. It’s a time taking process and can cost you valuable leads.

With the integration, all the leads will be available to access and manage through your CRM automatically and in real-time.

Quick Action on Leads

You can take quick action on new leads. The longer you wait to follow-up with a new lead the colder it becomes. It’s less likely to convert or become a customer later.

With Facebook Ads with CRM integration, your response time will decrease and there won’t be any problem of lead leakage.

Higher ROI

If you only export your leads once your ad has run its course, the leads you generated through the campaign will be burnt.

Users expect a response right away, and if they don’t get one and have to wait for 7 days before they hear back from you, most of them would have turned cold. Your emails will get annoying for them.

Knowing Prospects Interests

It’s an easy way to know the prospects’ interests and priorities. You can know whether or not he’s interested in your product or service and you can always send a confirmation email through your CRM.

This ensures that the people taking action on your lead ad are interested in hearing more from you.

Hassle-free Promotions

Without syncing your CRM with Facebook, the ads you run to offer vouchers and coupons won’t be as successful.

Even if you invest a healthy amount in your ads, the process of generating leads will be lengthy and tiresome.

Wrapping Up

The faster you can turn a prospect into a customer the faster your business will make revenue. You’re missing out on a lot if you haven’t considered Facebook Ads with CRM integration.

Even if your marketing budget is high and you spend a handsome amount on Facebook ad campaigns, you won’t get the desired results if you haven’t integrated Facebook ads with CRM.

Your current business workflow will not be scalable and you most probably will lose both money and prospects.

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