Implement CRM with Freshdesk Integration For Better Customer Support

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Implement CRM with Freshdesk Integration For Better Customer Support

Deploying two separate systems to cater to the same customer can not only be time-consuming but also more costly. The best way to optimize your business and be successful is to integrate two individual parts of the business into one.

The most important parts to integrate with each other are your helpdesk and CRM software. This integration is cost-effective and manages customer communications perfectly.

CRM with Freshdesk integration helps your business to improve your customer support experience which you can do directly through your CRM.

Benefits of CRM with Freshdesk Integration

Get A Single Database

The most important part of the integration is having all the customer data from the time of nurturing to after-sales that too under one single roof. 

There is no need to exchange emails between the product and support team or between the sales and the support team to understand what went wrong with the product or the purchase.

All your teams can see the customer profile, account information and the communication exchanged.

Improved Customer Experience

Having an integrated system will allow you to have a better conversation with your customer.

It helps your support agents to deliver services that seem personal because the system has a complete picture of the customer’s profile.

Integrating Freshdesk syncs the customer’s data while providing a two-way flow of communication between the help desk and other processes.

Boosts Productivity

Having all the data under one single system helps in tracking the customer trends easily and effectively. 

Your support team can automate manual tasks and receive real-time alerts that will improve their response efficiency.

Through this, your team can check various reports, ticket data, and unresolved issues.

Business Workflow Automation

With the CRM with Freshdesk integration, both the systems are synced in the most seamless way possible so that if any customer raises a ticket in the system, there needs to be an alert in your CRM. 

Connect with sales and ticket data to ensure that the sales team can view, create, and update tickets that are familiar to the team.

How to Integrate Freshdesk in Teleduce?

Teleduce integrates Freshdesk for a better customer support experience and maintaining positive customer relationships.

Follow these simple steps to integrate Freshdesk with Teleduce.

  • On the Teleduce dashboard, click on the menu and come down to “integration”.
  • Now, click on the “Ticketing” section.
  • Click on the Freshdesk logo and click on “Connect’ or “Sync Freshdesk”
  • Sign in to your Freshdesk account and click allow access.
  • Your Freshdesk account is now integrated with Teleduce.
  • And, if you want to disconnect, click on the “disconnect” button.


CRM with Freshdesk integration offers everything a business needs to deliver exceptional support.

You can see all customer requests and their statuses; by clicking on a particular request, it’s possible to see full communication history. 

Implement an integrated CRM like Teleduce to manage your sales, marketing, support, and success teams effectively.