How To Auto Assign Leads With Instant Call Connection

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How To Auto Assign Leads With Instant Call Connection

What’s the average time your team takes to call a web lead? Studies show that the 5 minutes response time has the capability to convert into sales by 9 times.

But are the businesses taking the response time seriously? Calling back within a speculated timeframe has its own benefits. But there might be challenges that the companies need to overcome in order to decrease their response time and assign leads to the correct sales agent.

That’s where an integrated platform can help you.

Your business requires a comprehensive distribution strategy for reduced lead leakage and response time. 

Lead distribution ensures that every lead is assigned to the right agent according to the area of expertise, demographics, and priority.

Why Does Your Business Need Lead Distribution?

Why Does Your Business Need Lead Distribution

A good lead management system will allow a business to easily assign its leads to its sales team. This could be done either manually or automatically. A business has various sources from which leads are captured. 

These could be through chat, website, phone, social media, events, partner websites, emails, inbound phone calls, or various different sources. The system should be able to capture all of these leads without any leakage.

The lead distribution system should be able to check the quality of the leads, once the leads are captured. If the lead matches the prerequisites for a good lead, that’s defined by the business, then it will be classified as high-quality and high-priority. And it gets a high lead score automatically. 

Visualize your complete pipeline, customers at various stages, complete information of your customers which includes their past sales history, inquiries, interests, social media, and more identifiable information.

It’s important how you gather, manage, and use information that determines your business’s success.

Distribute Leads to Your Team With An Integrated Platform

  • An integrated platform like Teleduce helps in distributing captured leads from various sources to the right sales agent.
  • The auto-call configuration of “Lead Box” allows you to automatically distribute leads to any sales agent you want.
  • You can obviously track the phases the leads are in and your sales cycle in the “Lead Box”

Features Of Lead Distribution to Consider

Features of Lead Distribution to Consider

Before you decide to invest in an integrated lead distribution system, it’s important to look out for these features.

Process Automation

When a lead is captured, the agent shouldn’t have to check its quality and then figure out who it should be assigned to.

Not only is this process very long, but it’s also impractical, especially when there are thousands of leads pouring in a day. 

With an integrated system, you can automatically capture your leads from different channels and group them based on their engagement with your brand.

Auto-assign leads to the right salespeople on your team. And then, they can reach out to each prospect with complete context and an informed call-to-action.

Default Lead Assigning

Leads that come after office hours or at a time where an agent is not available is called unassigned leads.

A default system will ensure that the lead is assigned to any agent who’s available. This is common for leads that come in on evenings or weekends for instance. 

Leaving them unassigned can increase the response time. Therefore, it’s good to create a default lead assignee rather than leaving them as it is.

The agent will get an email notification when a lead is automatically assigned to them.

Quality Lead Distribution

The integrated tool should be able to check the quality of the lead and assign it to the right salesperson. 

Not just the lead, but the quality of the salesperson should also be taken into account while distributing leads.

Distributing the leads to the wrong agent can lead to confusion and longer sales process.

Auto Lead Tracking

Assigning leads is not the end of the sales cycle. You need to look at how the lead moves along the sales funnel. 

You should have access to every detail about the lead right from lead capturing to the pages they view on your website, the communication he has with your sales team, and the lead stage he is in.

This will help the lead be prepared for their first call.

Productivity Report

These reports are more useful to the managers as this allows them to get an idea of how their team is handling the leads assigned to them. 

They can know how quickly the followup has happened, how many of the followups have been closed, and how much revenue each salesperson has brought in.

Benefits Of Automatic Lead Distribution

Benefits of Automatic Lead Distribution

Reduced Turn Around Time

Because of instant distribution, the time it takes for the salesperson to make the first call is reduced. This means instant responses and increased prospect satisfaction.

Increased transparency

There will be no confusion in terms of the leads assigned since the entire process is automated. You’ll get a clear view of who the lead owner is and how many leads were assigned to him.

Better Lead Quality

Only qualified leads are distributed to the leads. This means that there is no necessity for the salesperson to spend time nurturing the lead until they are sales-ready.

More Accurate Targeting

Leads that belong to a particular bucket are assigned to the respective salesperson. As they would have some amount of expertise with that lead’s requirements, it becomes easier to sell to him.

Increased Sales Efficiency

As the process becomes simpler and straightforward, this directly affects how efficient the salespeople are in terms of closing the deals.

Reduced Manual Errors

When manual distribution happens, the chances of missing out on leads or assigning the same leads to multiple people is possible.

This can be eliminated with an integrated lead distribution system.


Improve business revenue profitability by connecting calls faster, increasing the percentage of qualified calls, and eliminating manual outbound calling costs. Auto-assign leads to your sales agent with instant call connection.

The lead distribution also helps in transforming your sales pipeline into a well-oiled revenue engine. Organize, analyze, prioritize, and close deals faster.