Lead Management System

What is Teleduce Lead Management System?

Lead Management is a tool for managing relationships with your customers and prospects. Teleduce lead management system CRM enables you to focus on your organization relationship and communication with customers. Lead Box is not just for sales, it is much more than to understand customer’s activities, communication, behavior, timelines, etc. and build your strategy for sales.

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Increase in sales by 37%

Sales productivity by 44%

Upselling and Cross selling

Marketing optimization

Better communication

Data analytics & visualization


Using simple lead management system, you can visualize your complete pipeline, customers at various stages, complete information of your customers which includes their past sales history, enquiries, interests, social media and more identifiable information. It’s important how we gather, manage and use information that determines our win or lose.

"Without Lead Management System, It’s less productive, more effort and less selling"

Teleduce lead management system software features let you have a condensed way of managing leads generated across campaigns across channels. No matter where the lead is generated, it’s easy to manage in one single view, communicate with customers over SMS, Email and Voice Channels, one click to send proposal documents (from document manager), track the conversation with leads, configure and score the leads automatically.

The Lead dashboard in the lead management system displays intuitive analytics to business owners to understand pipeline and make decisions faster. Lead box’s custom filter and save option to create frequently used filters. It allows to create, filter, export, maintain groups and import leads.

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Over 400 companies are already managing more than 20000 leads every day.


Manage Leads Efficiently
One Click Communication
Manage Tasks and Reminders
Auto Connect with Leads Instantly
Upload, Manage & Use Documents
Lead & Tasks in Mailbox
History of Communication
Customizable Lead Statistics


Data Driven Lead Management

Lead Management is the process involved in acquiring, nurturing, monitoring and converting leads to customers. It involves a complete set of techniques, applications and technologies that help to achieve effective lead acquisition and conversion. Lead-Box is the best Lead Management tool you can use to ensure that the leads you generate get effectively converted. Contact us today! for a demo.

Managing leads in spreadsheets vs CRM

One day, Raj had an idea for a business. He started his business (SME) and ran it successfully. His service was received well in the market and he foresaw a future demand in the market. A good integrated CRM & Marketing campaign platform like Teleduce would have helped Raj to cater the needs of lead management and marketing at one place.

Why Lead Management?

Lead Management is a series of marketing efforts right from capturing the leads, profiling them based on their attributes and actions, nurturing them with relevant contents at right time, allocating the lead to right sales person and finally converting them as customers through sales efforts. Lead management systems like Teleduce offer integrated communication suite to communicate with your leads.

"Our front desk lead management is simplified and automated with Teleduce marketing & communication platform. All our calls and direct inquiries are managed with Teleduce auto engagement features leading to more conversions and productivity increase." - Magnus Diagnostics

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