Achieve Zero Lead Leakage Through Teleduce with Knowlarity Integration

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Achieve Zero Lead Leakage Through Teleduce with Knowlarity Integration

Do you know calling your leads directly from your CRM leads to decreased lead leakage?

Handling business calls is a tiring process when you have to switch between different systems continuously.

To continue to communicate with your prospects and customers you would require a cloud telephony integration in your CRM for faster and better communication.

With Teleduce, you get built-in Knowlarity integration with which you can track and nurture leads by directly connecting them via Teleduce.

Benefits of CRM with Knowlarity Integration

The integration with Knowlarity will give your team enhanced productivity and never let them lose a single lead.

Auto Integration

When you implement Teleduce in your business process, you get Knowlarity in-built. You don’t have to switch between your phone system and CRM anymore.

You can make and receive calls directly from the Teleduce dashboard and instantly connect to your prospect or customer using the click-to-call action.

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Increased Sales

As there’s a rare chance of losing any lead, your sales efficiency will increase. You can increase sales directly from your CRM system.

Create direct potential customers with integrated functionality. You can also start marketing or support for outgoing calls.

Auto Ticket Assignment

You’ll be able to reduce manual errors and deliver better customer support with automatic ticket assignments on every query.

You can also assign tickets to different agents according to the customer’s preference and ticket necessity.

Call Recording

Record every business call for future reference. Call recordings are available with the tickets assigned to easily manage all call audits.

You can record all incoming and outgoing calls with your prospects and customers and come back to them whenever necessary.

Track Customer Information

You’ll be able to retrieve your caller’s information and previous interactions with the agents to boost productivity.

The information retrieved can be useful to nurture them further to the sales funnel, therefore leading to close more sales deals.

How to Integrate Knowlarity in Teleduce?

Teleduce integrates Knowlarity for instant call connection and communication with your prospect and customers.

Leverage the in-built cloud telephony integration in Teleduce to reduce lead leakage and close more deals.

Follow these simple steps to integrate Knowlarity with Teleduce.

  • On the Teleduce dashboard, click on the menu and come down to “integration”.
  • Now, click on the “Telephony” section.
  • Now, select the integration in the options provided.
  • Select Knowlarity and click on “Connect’
  • Sign in to your Knowlarity account and click allow access.
  • Your Knowlarity account is now integrated with Teleduce.
  • And, if you want to disconnect, click on the “disconnect” button.
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Tracking business calls and communicating with your prospects and customers has never been easier.

Implementing an integrated platform with telephony integration reduces your chances of lead leakage and helps you maintain positive customer relationships.

Leverage CRM with Knowlarity integration today to close more deals and scale faster.

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