Capture Calls To Teleduce With Exotel Integration

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Capture Calls To Teleduce With Exotel Integration

Fetching customer details and managing sales calls can be overwhelming at times. For maximum sales productivity, your team should focus on lead engagement and sales closure. 

CRM with Exotel integration solves the problem of repetitive tasks and communication mismatch by allowing agents to control and customize communication right from the CRM dashboard. 

With Teleduce, you can capture all your calls from Exotel and track them effectively.

Benefits of CRM with Exotel Integration

Benefits of CRM with Exotel Integration

Manage your sales communication effectively and seamlessly capture all calls from Exotel. The benefits of this integration can help your business to manage inbound call capture.

Call Capturing

You can capture all calls that come to you as new leads. You can even keep track of all missed calls by your prospects automatically.

Get all the inbound calls automatically in your CRM and follow-up with them directly without switching between systems.

Click-to-call Integration

Trigger calls right from the CRM with a single click. The click-to-call feature ensures that your agents don’t miss any follow-up and there’s absolutely no lead leakage. 

You can also map the called ID of your agent’s mobile number so that the call directly transfers to them.

Automatic Lead Distribution

Distribute new calls to different agents that come to your system. You can also manually assign leads and set different rules so that the leads are distributed evenly among your agents.

Call Pop-up Feature

A call pop-up with the customer name is displayed on the dashboard in case of incoming and outgoing calls. 

It can help your agents to personalize their communication with prospects and customers.

Track Calls and Missed Calls

You can track all communication activity activities with call recordings and other resources. Missed call alerts are also pushed directly to the CRM under new leads 

Your agents can directly save them new leads and create tasks and set reminders for auto follow-ups.

Call Recording

You have the option to record the communication between your agents and prospects or customers. 

This helps in the future reference for the follow-ups and also for the new agents to see how your business approaches the leads.

How to Integrate Exotel in Teleduce?

Teleduce integrates Exotel for instant call capturing and communication with your prospect and customers.

Follow these simple steps to integrate Exotel with Teleduce.

On the Teleduce dashboard, click on the menu and come down to “integration”.

teleduce dashboard-integrations

Now, click on the “Telephony” section.


Now, click on dropdown to select “Exotel”

select exotel

Click on  “Connect’ and sign in to your Exotel account and click allow access.


Your Exotel account is now integrated with Teleduce.


And, if you want to disconnect, click on the “disconnect” button.

exotel integrated


As there’s no manual intervention and no need to switch between systems your service levels will increase thereby reducing the cost. 

Close more sales deals with automated call capturing and build meaningful customer relationships.