Yahoo mail Integration with Teleduce

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Yahoo mail Integration with Teleduce

Want to use Yahoo mail services to send email from Teleduce. We have got that covered now.

And it does not ask for much effort too. In few simple clicks you can integrate Yahoo mail with Teleduce and send emails to your prospects and customers using Yahoo mail services.

But that’s not it. We have more in store for you.

That is, get the additional information on mail open and click status.

Yes, you can know whether the lead has opened your mail or not. And if opened, what time he has opened it and how many different times he/she has opened it.

Moreover, if you have any clickable content in the mail, then you can also know whether the link or that content is clicked or not. So that you can understand about lead interest in your mail.

And for your information, mails sent using this integration will be available in Yahoo mail “sent items”.

Just so you know, Teleduce has integration with all major email services; Gmail, Outlook, and now Yahoo. 馃檪