Corefactors AI CRM Has Launched New Enhancement & Customization Features - Know Everything Here !!

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Corefactors AI CRM Has Launched New Enhancement & Customization Features - Know Everything Here !!

The time you all have been waiting for has come. Teleduce has launched some much-awaited updates in its CRM. The newly added updates are an enhancement of the pre-existing features and facilitate customization.

Today we are going to learn about all these newly updated features in depth. So without making you wait, let’s jump straight to our main topic. Let’s go!

What Are New Updates Made Towards Feature Enhancement And Customization?

As you know, Teleduce has introduced some new updates to its Lead Box feature. Here are details of those updates:

#1 Improvements in Lead Box Filter

The lead box filter has been enhanced and has become more user-friendly and time-saving than before. To kill some more time consumption in managing leads, we have added various one-click field operators (differentiators for lead filters), such as date picker fields, dropdown fields, etc. Besides, the contain/not contain field operator will help users to deep-dive into the pool of lead-data and find the most specific set of requirements.

#2 "View Only" Feature

In the lead box, a new privilege has been added, which is “view only”. With this feature, normal users get to have “view only” rights towards the lead’s information. This feature is best for companies who want their agents to learn about a lead without making changes to their records. Using this feature, administrations can allow agents to access lead details, but they won’t have access to make changes.

#3 Two New Columns in Lead Dashboard Table

In the Lead Dashboard table, two new columns are added. These columns are categorized as Revenue and Opportunity. These two columns allow businesses to get insights into the leads at an individual level. Understanding the customers concerning the business is challenging. But with these newly introduced features, you can learn about lead activity and use the data derived from them to make effective decisions.

#4 Lead Activity Enhancement

Earlier users were not able to determine the values that were changed during the API update. Our CRM only used to show “Lead info got updated through API”. But what it wasn’t reflecting was the values that were changed. That’s not the case now. Now the CRM shows the updated values in the dashboard. Users can now track the changes quickly that are made towards lead campaigns. For Eg. If one user has updated a lead field, then every user who can view or edit the lead, can see in the Activity tab, that which lead field has changed, what was the previous information, and when it is changed by whom. This new feature reduces the extra burden that might have shifted towards the support team.

#5 Added “Custom Logo” Under User Management

Personalization was an important area that Corefactors AI CRM had been working on for a while. According to the latest update, businesses can now add their own logo to our CRM. Let’s suppose you have access to Teleduce CRM, you get the option to showcase your branding on the CRM’s header. This feature is highly useful as it allows you to enhance your brand image.

Final Words

These were all the major updates that were made in Corefactors AI CRM towards enhancement and customization features. Using these newly added features, manage leads effectively and grow your business by improving the customer experience.

Lastly, if you find any complexities in understanding anything we have shared above, do let us know. We have a dedicated customer support team who’ll take care of all your queries. So what are you waiting for now?

Try the newly launched updates now!