5 Important Marketing Technologies That Every Company Should Have

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Today’s world is IT-driven and marketing is no exception. Marketing without the use of technology is “food without salt”- tasteless and purposeless. According to a Marketo survey, 91% of the respondents felt that Marketing Automation was the main contributor to the success of their marketing.
Listed below are the top 5 marketing technology tools used currently worldwide for sure success.

1. Analytics Tools

Today data-driven analytics is reigning supreme as every marketing campaign or strategy is based on or backed by analytics. According to marketing leaders, for 78% of marketers, data-driven marketing based on analytics is the key strategy.
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The analysis here means a whole range of data evaluation which involves the collection, segregation, and assessment. All these processes are simplified through automation.
Marketing Analytics comprises a suite of automated processes like:
1. Customer data Analytics using CRM tools like Salesforce, Zoho, etc.
2. Website Analysis using Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.
3. Social Media Analytics like Hootsuite, etc.
Every aspect of marketing from lead generation to lead acquisition has to be monitored, tracked, and appraised for effectiveness.
Marketing Analytics is also a part of any Marketing Automation software you procure like that of Teleduce.

2. Email Marketing Tools

Salesforce claims that Email ranks among the top 5 effective channels in marketing showing the exponential growth of 63% over the last 2 years in 2017.
With such effectiveness, Email has become indispensable in marketing. Email Marketing has become simpler using automated tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.
These tools are excellent for sending bulk emails at a go during marketing campaigns and for creating email marketing templates.
CoreFactors Teleduce integrates Email Marketing as a part of its Marketing Campaign Management Platform.

3. Mobile Marketing Tools

According to an IMPACT survey, 80% of internet users own a Smartphone and they spend 69% of media time on it. 71% of the companies feel Mobile Marketing is the core of their business. With such an impact, Mobile Marketing must become part of any successful Marketing Campaign.
Tools like Flurry, DoubleClick, etc. help you get the best of Mobile Marketing.
CoreFactors Teleduce helps you get the best of SMS and Voice Calls to ensure maximum lead management.

4. Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization has become a vital aspect of data collection, lead generation and conversion optimization. It involves getting your website visitor to fill a form revealing his personal information for further use in marketing.
Separate tools like Optimizely, Unbounce tec. help you optimize your Landing Pages for great results.
Better still is CoreFactors Teleduce which incorporates Landing Page Optimization as part of its Marketing Automation platform.

5. Marketing Automation

Rather than use such separate tools for Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, successful enterprises opt for a Marketing automation Platform like CoreFactors Teleduce that integrates it all.
Marketing Automation is a wonderful platform that seamlessly integrates data collection, lead generation, and scoring, analytics, tracking and follow-up through various channels.
It is a completed destination to view all your marketing campaigns at a single glance and evaluate their performance simultaneously.

Why CoreFactors Teleduce is Ideal for Your Marketing Campaigns?

Teleduce is an automated tool from CoreFactors to facilitate deployment, monitoring and assessment of Marketing Campaigns.
Ideal for startups, SMBs, and even big enterprises, it provides a user-friendly interface to your marketing campaigns. With seamless integration, multiple marketing channels are managed simultaneously and effortlessly.
It offers an eclectic mix of marketing through various channels to yield the best results in marketing.
Changes in marketing strategy by an increased or decreased focus on selected channels is done via constant marketing and tracking by Teleduce. With timely alerts, Teleduce reminds the sales staff of lead follow-ups or sales closing.
Proactive Reporting is the strength of Teleduce with its built-in analytics. This helps you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
Market Penetration and Reach increases by 60% and Productivity by 40% with Teleduce.

Corefactors Teleduce is ideal for your Marketing Campaigns because it offers
  1. A single platform for Multi channel-Campaign Management
  2. Built-in Metrics and Analytics of each campaign individually
  3. Comparison of various Marketing Channels
  4. A platform for lead management.
  5. Landing Page Optimization for effective conversion
  6. Bulk SMS for faster lead generation
  7. Bulk Email for Nurturing.
  8. Follow-up through Voice Calls
  9. Sales Intelligence through insights and reporting
  10. Maximum Customer engagement through CRM
  11. A complete platform and dashboard for Marketing Campaign Management
    CoreFactors Teleduce is Cloud-enabled, economical and efficient in Campaign Management. Teleduce is a handy software to help you in taking the correct marketing decisions. Go for it!

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