Benefits of Sales and Marketing Automation: Tips and Examples

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Benefits of Sales and Marketing Automation: Tips and Examples

Creating effective sales and marketing workflows eradicate the need of executing repetitive tasks. And that’s why you need sales and marketing automation with the help of which you will be able to generate reports, send messages, find insights, and so on.
Automation enables you to get rid of mundane tasks and focus on your strategy. With the right automation software, you will be able to find out the channels through which your leads are coming.

What is Meant by Sales Automation?

Sales Automation, also known as Sales Force Automation, helps sales representatives to manage responsibilities on a daily basis. It takes resort to artificial intelligence and digital tools for the purpose of achieving this. With sales automation software, you will be able to increase productivity, improve accuracy, and streamline tasks. Helping you to prevent lead leakage, sales automation software notably reduces your response time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Best Sales Automation Examples

If you are willing to increase productivity which will otherwise go into doing repetitive tasks, you need to see these sales automation examples. With tools like Teleduce, you can easily achieve these:

1) Nurturing warm leads
2) Running a cold email campaign
3) Automatic lead assignment
4) Tracking emails and follow-up
5) Managing contacts
6) Targeting leads on social media
7) Gathering reviews

How Does a Sales Automation Software Help Sales Team?

If you are wondering what are the benefits of sales automation, a sales automation software helps you in timely follow-up, automatic adding of leads to the CRM, ensuring smooth sales, etc. Here is how a sales automation software helps your sales representatives:

  • Finding Prospects: Where do your leads come from? Do they come from third party aggregators or social media channels? With a sales automation software, you will be able to get the data from different sources such as integrations, social media, web visits, etc.
  • Lead Enrichment: Getting to know your lead is an important part of the sales process. With the help of tools such as LeadGenius, you will be able to gather information about your customers i.e. social media information, size of company, industry, solutions offered, etc.
  • Workflow Creation: Creating contacts manually is a time-consuming affair. With a sales automation software like Teleduce, you will be able to automate the process of adding contacts. In addition, you can do lead scoring as well which will help you in converting them. All these benefits come with a sales and marketing automation software.
  • Follow-up Email Templates: With a sales automation tool like Teleduce, you can easily send beautiful emails, thanks to the beautiful email templates. These email templates with the marketing journey help you to take the lead through different stages such as confirmation, prospecting, follow-up, etc.
  • Automated Emails: Sales team often want to send automated emails to their prospects. With sales automation software, you will be able to send automated emails as well. With email marketing for small business software from Teleduce, you can easily master email automation.
  • Outbound Sales Calls: If you are wondering how do you automate sales, automated outbound calls is another great way to achieve it. With the cloud telephony solutions from sales automation tools like Teleduce, you will be able to automatically trigger calls. This can help you get rid of the stress of calling prospects manually.
  • Automating Deal Management: Going back and forth between excel sheets and logging the deal status can be the worst nightmare for you. That’s why you need to have a sales automation software like Teleduce which will do the heavy lifting for you. You can have every piece of communication starting from email to missed call automatically recorded.

What is Meant by Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation empowers you with the ability to manage campaigns across multiple channels such as web, social media, SMS, email. Marketing automation tools for small business aid you in targeting customers with automated messages. Both marketing and sales departments often come together to achieve the desired results with the help of automated messages.

Best Marketing Automation Examples

With a marketing automation tool, you can observe a significant conversion in leads and revenue as well. Marketing automation is a proven method of boosting sales productivity by 14.5% at least. It can also reduce your marketing overhead by 12.2%. Here are some of the examples of what you can do with marketing automation:
1) Automated customer onboarding programs
2) Repurchase programs i.e. feedback, cross-sell
3) Reminder Programs
4) Multi-channel Programs
5) Win-back Programs

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

  • Boosting ROI: With a marketing automation tool like Teleduce, you reduce the number of repetitive tasks. This paves the path for you to have your team streamlined in a better manner.
  • Increasing Average Order Value: CRM and marketing automation software also helps businesses to increase average order value. As you market across channels, you will be able to constantly upsell and cross-sell your products. With such kind of programs, you can attract customers and convert them.
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value: With marketing automation, you can increase the lifetime value of your customers. This means that you encourage your existing customers to spend more on your product. One of the best marketing automation programs that work in such cases is the retention and loyalty program. You can employ such programs with the help of missed call marketing.
  • Staying Connected: While there are multiple options to stay connected to your customer, multi-channel marketing makes it easier for you. You can always stay connected to your customers via different channels as you run a multi-channel marketing campaign. In order to be able to stay on top of everything, you need automation to boost sales and marketing.

What is Sales and Marketing Automation?

Sales and marketing automation refers to the technology that combines tools helpful for automating tasks related to sales and marketing. It plays an integral role in capturing the leads, nurturing them throughout their journey, and converting them.
Teleduce by Corefactors is one of the best sales and marketing automation tools that small businesses use today. Offering solutions such as cloud telephony, missed call, SMS, lead management system, customer success manager, and so on, Teleduce seeks to help you with reducing lead leakage, automated lead nurturing and conversion.