Unlock Missed Call Marketing for Your Business

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Have you been looking for an effective inbound marketing technique?

Missed call marketing is one of the most widely used marketing tools that can help you to leverage the buying intent of a customer.

In this blog, you will get to know more about what missed call marketing is and 4 ways to leverage it.

What is Missed Call Marketing?

Before delving deep into the nitty-gritty details of missed call service, it is time to have a comprehensive understanding of the situations at which missed call can be used for the purpose of marketing.

Here are some of the scenarios when you can use missed call marketing as an integral part of your pull marketing strategy:

1) Encouraging prospects to give a missed call and use it for lead generation.

2) Driving app downloads among existing customers or new leads.

3) Offering customer support and minimizing response time.

4) Providing customers with updates upon receiving a missed call.

5) Running a survey or a poll with a missed call.

6) Verifying new customers with missed call verification solution.

Now that you have a fair idea of how a missed call can be used, let’s have a look at what missed call marketing is.

People started using the missed call as a way of communication long back when the exorbitant call rates prevented them to call someone.

Even though the call rates have lowered in recent times, the habit hasn’t really gone. And, a missed call service provider uses this basic psychology to help businesses get more leads and communicate with their customers.

With missed call marketing services, your customers can call your business number and the call will be automatically disconnected.

The best part about this marketing strategy is that your callers i.e. customers won’t be charged a single penny.

However, they will be receiving the required information via SMS or a call-back.

This undoubtedly saves time for your call center team and your customers as well.

Using missed call enables your team to stay aware of the leads that are interested and engaged.

Implementing a predictive dialer can further enhance this process, enabling faster and more efficient lead engagement through automated call sequencing.

Productivity goes up with all these in place. In case you are wondering what are the benefits of missed call marketing with the best IVR service providers, the above-mentioned pointers will help you. To know more, you have to keep reading.

IVR Service Provider

Let’s have a look at the steps of how one ring missed call marketing solutions work:

Step 1: You publish your missed call number across traditional and digital media channels.
Step 2: Your customers see the number and call you when required.
Step 3: As your customer calls you, the call gets disconnected after a ring or two.
Step 4: You receive a detailed report of your callers including information such as phone number, time of call, and other details.
Step 5: You can automate the response now with integrated sales and marketing tools like Teleduce from Corefactors.

To put it simply, missed call marketing targets consumers who then ring the number and hang up without connecting.

Now the company gets back to them with the requested information via SMS or text.

How Does Missed Call Campaign Work?

Do you know that 65% of India’s 860Mn mobile subscribers would prefer a quick call?

What lies at the heart of a missed call is not the missed call itself. It is the ability to engage customers and the data as well.

With a missed call marketing software, your business can understand the needs of your customers to be able to deliver customized messages.

Without costing much, it can get you the engagement required. Here is how missed call campaigns work:

Configuring Numbers: The first step is to configure a set of numbers that will later appear as missed call numbers for your brand.

Advertising Numbers: Now it is time to choose a number from them and advertise them with a CTA. Make sure that you create awareness about this number through all social media channels of yours.

Setting Up Response: The third step is to set up how you want to respond to your customers and prospects. You can either respond quickly by sending an SMS or take them through the IVR for confirmation. Keen to know how virtual number services can be connected with the missed calls? Here is a free IVR Basics Guide for you!

Measure the Responses: No matter what kind of marketing campaigns you run, you will definitely want to measure the outputs and outcomes. With Teleduce from Corefactors, you will be able to get real-time insights into incoming calls.

4 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Missed Call Service

By now you know that missed call marketing can help you to achieve a wide variety of tasks including generating leads, driving app downloads, receiving feedback, and so on.

Here are 4 ways in which you can leverage missed call service for business:

1) Generating Leads

Have you been asking yourself how do I generate leads through missed call marketing? Using missed call marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate quality leads.

For example, you can publish your missed call number in all offline and online channels.

After seeing your missed call number, those who are interested can give a missed call to the number.

Upon receiving a call, tools like Teleduce from Corefactors can help you to capture all required information. This is the simplest way you can generate leads.

2) Receiving Feedback With Votes

Receiving feedback helps you to enhance the experience of your customers. Whether you want to run a contest or election, missed call service makes it easier for you to run those campaigns.

For example, you must have seen a missed call number of popular TV shows that want you to vote for the participant of your choice.

A similar mechanism can be used for the purpose of elected officials as well. You can also send a questionnaire using the missed call service.

3) Driving App Download

You can also drive app download with missed call service. With an effective SMS marketing tool like Teleduce, you can send an SMS to callers with the necessary information including the link of application.

In addition, your sales team can follow up on how this app download will help them to solve their present problems.

4) Catering Service Requests and On-Demand Information

In case you are wondering what are the benefits of missed call marketing services in finance and banking, missed call marketing solves your problems in no time.

Whether your customers need to request a checkbook or need to know the account balance, they can simply give a missed call to your business number.

Now, you can automate the entire process of sending a text to these customers with the relevant information.

In addition, you will be able to process different on-demand information requests such as flight details, shipment status, etc. with missed call alert service. If you already have a lead management system in place, you will be getting the inbound phone numbers stored in there.

Want to know what are the qualities that your lead management system should be having? Here is an article on what features a lead management system should come with.


Using missed call service from reputed integrated sales and marketing tools like Teleduce enables you to make the most out of your inbound marketing strategy.

Whether you want to receive feedback with votes or verify new customers, missed call marketing is the perfect solution for all such scenarios.