Corefactors AI CRM - The Secret Ingredient to The Success of The ThickShake Factory

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Corefactors AI CRM - The Secret Ingredient to The Success of The ThickShake Factory

The ThickShake Factory is India’s finest brand which excels in serving a delicious range of milkshakes. They have more than 50 stores in India and are working on global expansion as well. As the brand steps up the ladder of success, they encounter various issues with customer relationship management. They relied on Zoho for customer and lead management, as it was their previous CRM solution. Surprisingly, it, too, was unable to help them with their problems. That’s when they came across Corefactors AI CRM. Corefactors AI CRM helped them improve customer relationships, boosting their growth rate exceptionally.

About The ThickShake Factory

The ThickShake Factory, as the name says, is a premium shake brand based in Hyderabad. The brand started its journey in 2013 with an outlet in the Manjeera Mall in their home city. The brand that once started with one outlet now has more than 50 outlets across India and abroad. According to their customers as well as the founders, The ThickShake Factory is one of its kind in India. Their extensive range of premium products makes it a unique milkshake brand serving a range of exotic flavours.

They use the highest quality ingredients to prepare their milkshakes. The best part, all of their ingredients are sourced from their own unit in Hyderabad. For people who love thick and creamy milkshakes, The ThickShake Factory is a must-try option. Unlike the regular shakes, the milkshakes they offer are prepared by adding chunky, creamy and solid ingredients such as Muesli, brownies and cookies into their milkshake mix. The base of every milkshake is a flavoured ice cream. The ThickShake Factory is the only milkshake brand that manages its value chain from end to end all by itself.

Problems Experienced by The ThickShake Factory

With the global expansion, The ThickShake Factory started to experience some serious issues like a low growth rate, lead leakages, etc. Zoho was no help to them, which led them to search for an alternate one-stop solution. That’s when they came across Corefactors AI CRM, which helped them eliminate each one of those issues. With that said, let’s move forward with understanding those issues first:

Inefficient Lead Management System

The ThickShake Factory is constantly working on expanding its franchises across India. This helped them get the attention of more customers and more potential leads. Even though they were getting leads from various sources, such as websites or social media, they were unable to convert them properly.

The prolonged low lead conversion rate was a result of an inefficient lead management system. Although The ThickShake Factory had Zoho CRM, it wasn’t able to cater to their lead management needs. Corefactors AI CRM was a blessing in disguise, helping the brand improve lead management extensively. Corefactors AI CRM offered a highly efficient lead management system which captured and nurtured every potential lead.

Zoho Wasn’t Fulfilling Their Needs

If you look for the preferable CRMs on search engines, you will find Zoho in the priority list. Although it’s a good CRM solution, it was proven inefficient for The ThickShake Factory. It could not meet the complex and growing demand of the brand, which Corefactors AI CRM has been fulfilling very well.

The ThickShake Factory started to look for an alternative to it. The brand was investing a good amount into the CRM, they were getting no returns. To cater to their needs, they wanted a CRM which isn’t just time-efficient but gives value to each penny invested into it. Luckily, they found one at the right time, when they needed it the most.

Previous CRM Was Too Expensive

Zoho isn’t a cheap option when it comes to CRM. Being one of the most popular solutions for customer relationship management, its rates aren’t affordable for all brands. Although The ThickShake Factory is a successful brand, having no issues with investing in time-saving technology - they found their previous CRM to be not worth their money.

As The ThickShake Factory came across new problems, the cost of solutions to them started to increase. In other words, the operating cost of the CRM increased a lot with time. Soon, it became an unaffordable and expensive CRM solution. The ThickShake Factory didn’t find it ideal to continue investing in it and therefore started looking for other options.

Received Slow Support From Zoho

For any brand investing in a CRM, customer support is an essential aspect. Where would you go if you found an issue with our CRM? The support team, of course. The ThickShake Factory did the same thing and went to Zoho’s customer support every time an unresolved issue came up. But unfortunately, they did not get an appropriate response every single time.

The ThickShake Factory was getting low-quality support, despite putting a good amount in the previous CRM. The support team was unable to resolve most of their issues. The support it provided wasn’t just unsatisfying but slow as well. The ThickShake Factory needed a CRM solution with premium customer support facilities, even if it’s about paying a little extra.

Business Growth Was Extensively Affected

Zoho was undoubtedly inefficient for The ThickShake Factory. The CRM was unable to help them with their issues. As a result, the problems remained unsolved. Those unsolved issues lead to posing damage to various aspects of their business, the biggest one to the customer relationship. Their relationships with customers were affected dramatically.

All of this turned into a big snowball, which damaged the overall growth of their business. That ball was continually hitting them, dramatically decreasing their growth rate. The ThickShake Factory couldn’t risk keeping the customer relationship issues unresolved. Thus, they started searching for an efficient CRM solution, leading them to Corefactors AI CRM.

Solutions Corefactors AI CRM Offered to The ThickShake Factory

Corefactors AI CRM helped The ThickShake Factory resolve all the above problems step by step. Now you might wonder, how did it help the brand? Scroll down to know how Corefactors AI CRM assisted The ThickShake Factory in paving their way to success:

Lead Management Facility With Cloud Telephony

As mentioned above, lead management was a severe issue for The ThickShake Factory, which needed to be resolved ASAP. Corefactors AI CRM offered extensive lead management features such as the brand number and streamlining the whole sales and marketing department. With Corefactors AI CRM in their systems, no lead was left unattended. Thanks to its wonderful features like RevOps, advanced ticketing system, cloud telephony, etc.

Moreover, Corefactors AI CRM also provided the brand with advanced cloud telephony services. The service removed all the potholes in the connection between customers and agents. Due to smooth connectivity, customer-agent interactions are done conveniently. All of this led to an improved lead conversion rate, which is what The ThickShake Factory was struggling with.

Lead API For Social Media And Website

Websites and social media are two big responsibilities for The ThickShake Factory. It became an even bigger issue when the brand found its previous CRM to be unreliable for websites and social media. This led to inefficient handling of customers and incoming leads. The brand discovered and invested in Corefactors AI CRM at the right time. The CRM offered premium lead API features.

The integration of lead API helped The ThickShake Factory get all the data about social media and websites altogether.  This allowed the brand to better manage the leads derived from both these sources. Thanks to Corefactors AI CRM, The ThickShake Factory now receives around 10 leads every month aiming towards purchasing their franchise which costs 22 Lakhs each. This has helped them improve their revenue opportunities.

Brand Number For Missed Call Issues

The ThickShake Factory has more than 50 brand outlets across India. The brand needed one streamlined path to connect all these locations for effective lead management, better lead distribution and enhanced customer support. They had signed up for its earlier CRM for the same, which turned out to be less effective. Customers used to make missed calls to The ThickShake Factory for inquiries related to franchise purchase and other concerns, but their call request wasn’t sent to the right branch.

Corefactors AI CRM introduced a dedicated brand number as a solution to this issue. With a brand number that’s managed by Corefactors AI CRM, customer calls were forwarded to the right branch. This improved the quality of customer support, helping The ThickShake Factory gain customer loyalty faster than they did before.

Future Expansion Plans

After the implementation of Teleduce CRM, The ThickShake Factory has been experiencing exceptional growth. They have better future opportunities that they plan to grab in the upcoming months. For example, call management was a great issue for the company. But now that they have inbound call management features, they have now bigger plans for expansion across multiple cities. Moreover, our CRM also provided them with an advanced ticketing system, levelling up their customer support and franchisee outlets operations.

Results And Benefits

Corefactors is an exceptionally designed CRM preferred by countless multinational brands across the globe. Our CRM has helped numerous businesses manage customer relationships in the best possible way. The ThickShake Factory is one of our lovely customers.

The brand loves our CRM as its features have proven to be value for money for them. With Corefactors AI CRM in The ThickShake Factory’s systems, the brand’s overall business process has improved so much. They now generate 250-300 franchise leads every month, zero lead leakages, etc. Plus, they plan to open more stores in future. So many benefits from just the right investment - Corefactors AI CRM.


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