Data-Driven Lead Management

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Data Driven Lead Management

Lead Management is the process involved in acquiring, nurturing, monitoring and converting leads to customers. It involves a complete set of techniques, applications and technologies that help to achieve effective lead acquisition and conversion. Lead-box from Corefactors is an effective product used to generate leads.

How does Lead Management work?

Lead Management is all about managing leads. The leads may come from various sources like

  • Telecalls
  • Email
  • Chat Boxes from Website
  • Social Media
  • PPC Ads
  • Organic Search on Websites

Once a lead is generated, the Lead Management Software takes over with the following steps.

1. Lead Capture

The first step in Lead Management is Lead Capture. This is crucial because leads will start pouring in from every quarter and each one should be captured instantly. This is done in an automated process by the Lead Management Software.
The background information of every lead like the source of the lead, the customer’s contact details, demographics etc. are also noted. Automated Lead Capture is preferred to avoid lead leakage and loss of leads.

2. Lead Tracking

Once the lead is generated, the Lead Management software starts tracking the lead. This involves monitoring the activities of the lead like

  • The pages they visit, like and follow.
  • The blogs they read.
  • The forms they fill.
  • The newsletters they subscribe to.
  • Their social profiles.
    The customer’s interactions with the enterprise is also recorded on a timeline to analyze their buying behaviour.

3. Lead Segmentation and Distribution

Once the leads are captured, they need to be segmented into the ones suitable for follow up by Email marketing, Telecalling etc. by using an effective List Manager like CoreFactors’ Teleduce. Then the leads have to be distributed team-wise based on factors like geographic location, purpose etc. Automated segmentation and distribution of leads is done by the Lead Management software using any logic you define. For example, all leads from India, SriLanka and Bangladesh are allotted to the Asia team while Europe Team handles all leads from Uk, France and Italy. By defining the lead parameters, the leads are automatically, sorted, filtered and assigned to the respective teams.This will help in better customer focus and avoids wastage of resources and time. Immediate response is also possible due to auto-assigned lead distribution which gives you an edge over the competitors.

4. Lead Scoring

The next step in Lead Management is Scoring your Leads. First you must set up score standards based on demographics and persona. Then you must evaluate each lead and score it accordingly.
A standard score is based on
1. Personal Profile like type of industry, company size, revenue etc.
2. Engagement Activity – visits to your site, blog comments, email opening, form filling etc.
3. Stage of conversion.
4. Time taken to convert.
5. Decision making levels.
Scoring helps to prioritize the leads and handling leads with poor scores. Such cold leads have to be nurtured to effect lead conversion.
CoreFactors’ Lead-box does scoring of leads based on defined criteria.

5. Lead Nurturing

Once leads are generated and segmented, some of them have to be carefully nurtured to achieve conversion. To achieve this, you must keep interacting till the conversion occurs.the interaction must also be customized for the lead using content specifically generated for it.
Content can be in the form of

  • Email campaigns
  • Trigger emails
  • Drip emails
  • SMS
  • Voice calls
  • Remarketing through social media

6. Passing Leads to Sales

Next step is to pass on lead to sales with correct information on the stage of buying, customer profile etc. This assignment of leads is done by marketing automation software like Lead-Box. Using this, leads are allotted to sales reps individually when they reach a scoring level where the deal can be closed like demo or free trial requests. Using a list Manager like Teleduce greatly helps here because the leads have to be segmented territorially and then passed on to the relevant representatives.

7. Monitoring the leads

Tracking the leads, measuring the sales and ROI is also part of the job. Use a Lead Management software like Lead-Box to analyze the leads and send reports automatically to your Sales & Marketing Teams. This helps in strategizing the marketing and promotional plans, budgeting and staffing and in getting an overall view of the performance and results.

Why Lead Box is the best Data driven Lead Management tool?

Lead-Box is an excellent lead management tool used for Lead Management because
1. It is a complete and unified platform for Lead Management.
2. Lead Information gathering, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Communication of leads to other teams and Lead Monitoring – everything is done by Lead Box.
3. One single view, one can view the lead information, source, profile of customer, engagement history, status etc. in Lead Box.
4. The moment a lead is generated, Lead Box immediately communicates with the customer through SMS, Voice Call, or Email, sends them the quotes, tracks their responses, sores the leads and generates a full report.
5. Sharing the leads to other teams, assigning to the sales representative and tracking the conversion is all done by Lead Box.
6. Lead Box has an user-friendly interface with different views like tile, details, pipelines and score to enable Managers to view lead details from various angles for statistical analysis.
7. Intuitive Analytics on the Lead Box Dashboard help in quick decision making.
8. Customized filter and grouping options help to filter, sort, list, manage, save and import leads and to maintain groups.
9. Lead-Box is seamlessly connected to CoreFactors’ List Manager Teleduce which helps in segmenting leads into lists and distributing them for campaigns.
10. Analysis and Reporting is automatically done by Lead-Box to the respective teams as the lead is being tracked from day 1.
Lead-Box is the best Lead Management tool you can use to ensure that the leads you generate get effectively converted. Contact us today! for a demo.
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