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How To Use Recruitment Software To Source Candidates

Technology is the way of life for every industry in the current era.

The impact of technology on recruitment is becoming more evident in terms of improving the hiring experience for both job seekers and hiring teams.

This means in order to source more and better candidates, recruiters need to assimilate technology in their hiring strategies. 

Today, job seekers want a fast, straightforward application process. If your hiring process proves to be a drag, then with each day, recruiters are more likely to lose the best candidates,  while companies end up spending more than what is necessary. 

To counteract this, recruitment software is being used to assist in the recruitment function.

In fact, 75% of hiring managers utilize recruiting software to improve their hiring process.

However, instead of being overwhelmed by the feature lists, it is important to understand how this technology can help you to achieve your recruitment goals.

Here are some ideas on how you can source candidates using a digitally-driven approach.

Ways to use recruitment software to source candidates:

Source Candidates Directly

Direct sourcing is one of the main objectives of most managers.

With recruitment software, vacancies can be posted across various job boards, career sites, and social media platforms.

You can also proactively search for candidates via networks like LinkedIn using advanced Social Search functionality. Use reporting tools to monitor traffic from each channel.

This will help you to measure and find out what channel helps you to source the best candidates.

Communicating Employer Brand

Nowadays, recruiters are increasingly serving as marketers by promoting and communicating your Employer Brand.

Customize your recruitment software to meet your recruitment process. With your company website or via a careers website, create a convenient and intuitive application process.

Make sure that the candidate journey can be carried out on mobile devices too. With your recruitment application, facilitate prompt and personalized communications to update candidates on their progress.

This will reflect on your company as an efficient, accommodating, and considerate employer.

Such a positive image will help you source more candidates in the long run.

Nurturing Your Talent Pool

Most companies usually have an abounding pool of passive candidates. The real challenge is in finding the right candidates in the right place and at the right time.

Nurturing your talent pool by frequently engaging with them will ensure that when the passive becomes active you are on the top of their mind.

To accomplish this, use communications tools and automated rules offered by recruitment software that allows you to target and interact with the right candidates to keep them engaged.

You can also utilize the Skills matching feature which will help you pinpoint the best matches in your talent pool and then engage with them directly, via email and SMS Marketing.

Lessen Your Cost of Hire

Integrate social media and career portals directly with recruitment software.

This will help source candidates directly and build a Talent Pool, thereby reducing reliance and spend on external recruitment costs.

Utilize Reporting features of recruitment software to track and analyze the amount spent and to help streamline expenditure on various channels.

This will help you find the best channel to source candidates and focus on it.

Improve Recruitment Capability

Candidates can only be sourced effectively when you improve the recruitment capacity of hiring managers.

With recruitment software, they get their own online portal where they can see all of the jobs and candidates they are currently involved with.

Furthermore, with plenty of cool features at their fingertips like, recruitment pipeline, the ability to bulk print CVs for interviews, or instantly schedule interview slots with an interactive calendar, hiring managers are able to perform better and faster.

Speed Up Hiring Process

Recruitment software can help make your job requisition process more efficient, thereby expediting your hiring time.

Configure the software to improve and accelerate your internal approval processes by collaborating with every stakeholder irrespective of their location or device of choice.

You can also make use of other features like using shortlisting tools that help you find the best talent for each job.

Analyzing Employee Trends

Recruitment software also provides analytical data and insights by continuously monitoring employee performance or by tracking different sources of hire.

This way you can target the right candidates on the right channels.

Improved Candidate Experience

Integrate your recruitment software with your website, job board, social media platforms so that the candidate can easily find you.

Then make the application process simple and conveniently accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Over 89% of job seekers consider their mobile devices an important tool for job search.

Leverage automated email marketing to keep the candidates informed about the next steps in the process. Use the software to schedule interviews, record reviews, and collect feedback.

Improved Quality of Hire

By using efficient tools like Skill matching and advanced social search, you can make sure that your sourced candidates have the suitable skills and qualifications for the role.

Incorporate pre-screening questions in your application process.

This will help you to filter out candidates that don’t meet the job profile’s requirements, saving both their time and yours.

Conducting Video or Mobile Interviews

First-rounds offer flexible options to both recruiters and job applicants to connect instantly.

This is where video or mobile interviews can prove to be an effective way to screen the candidates.

It will also eliminate lengthy hours preparing for a face-to-face meeting and is especially useful for candidates who have a long journey.

Video interviews allow both visual and verbal assessment of the candidate and these can be easily scheduled and saved for future scrutiny with your recruitment software.

Manage Your Vendors

Most companies prefer recruiting both directly and via agencies. Use recruitment software to issue instructions to and receive candidates from different recruiting agencies.

Reporting tools can help you monitor the performance of each agency and identify those that are meeting your expectations. 

The software will also help avoid having duplicate candidates in your database.

With recruitment software, hiring teams’ challenges to find the right candidates cost-effectively can be solved.

By using differing features, they can perform better and source quality candidates easily.

With recruitment software, people are more easily discoverable and its phenomenal search tools and intelligence gathering features help identify potential candidates and even help nurture them in the long run.

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