Increase Sales Revenue With Integrated CRM

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Increase Sales Revenue With Integrated CRM

If you feel like it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up with evolving customer demands for your business, you’re certainly not alone.

To succeed in this growing and competitive industry you need to have strong business strategies that will help you increase your sales revenue. After all, what’s business without sales?

Companies make use of professional tools to boost their sales and one of the most important and popular ones is CRM.

Companies those who succeed with their CRM strategy recognize the right CRM software and explore more possibilities to scale their business.

The reason for this growth has a lot to do with how consumers interact with businesses today. Customers can reach out to businesses on Twitter and they reply with personality.

Customers expect brands to know you by name in your emails. They sign the monthly newsletter so that they can have what they have signed for, not see irrelevant product images with unnecessary content. For businesses that lack in this area, it can be disastrous.

Why Use Integrated CRM For Sales?

Why Use Integrated CRM for Sales

An integrated CRM is designed to consolidate all your customer data in one location. This data includes:

  • Customer contact information (website, social media accounts, email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Communication history with each prospect or customer – records of your interactions on any given channel. This includes phone conversations, emails, online chat, customer support tickets, etc. Also, an inbuilt IVR service will act as a virtual receptionist.
  • Details of the customer relationship: information on how the customer discovered your business, length of the relationship, buying history, and anything else regarding their journey with your company.

These systems are intended for sales teams, who analyze the stored data and utilize it to improve their communication with each customer, develop an effective sales strategy, encourage repeat business, and more.

Which Business Uses An Integrated CRM?

Which Business Uses an Integrated CRM

A CRM system is a necessary tool for businesses with a long sales cycle, which are mainly B2B and SaaS enterprises. A long sales cycle entails extensive communication between the prospect and the salesperson before a purchase is made.

Because the process of communication in a long sales cycle is direct and requires the salesperson to be on top of everything in order to close the deal, tracking customer interactions throughout is crucial.

That’s manageable without a CRM when a business has just set out and has only a few clients to manage.

However, even if the customer list doesn’t grow significantly in the meantime, the amount of customer information builds up at an incredible pace.

Soon enough, as the amount of data multiplies, managing customer relationships with spreadsheets and notes becomes impossible.

That’s why a CRM system is one of the first technologies B2B and SaaS enterprises implement to manage growth and maximize their strategy.

Here are 5 ways you can increase your sales revenue with CRM integration.

increase sales revenue

Enhance Your Sales Team’s Productivity

There’s no need to use dozens of different software products and enter all the data manually.

The sales team doesn’t have to complete tasks and focus more on selling. There’s more time for communicating with the customers or representatives of other companies.

Hiring a new person and training the staff takes less time with the standardized process of sales. A newcomer gets started in a very short time and you get the first results faster.

Effective integration of CRM with other applications that the company uses gives a single but powerful tool for solving everyday tasks. All in one place.

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You can evaluate the overall success of the team, see what kind of training you should offer to all or only some of the employees to enhance productivity and personal performance.

This will also motivate the team members to complete tasks more efficiently as they can also see their own achievements and how they help you reach general commercial goals.

Prioritize Your Leads Better

CRM is implemented to gather and arrange data to work for better results. Prioritize your existing leads in your CRM with a lead management system. A CRM system is far more than just storing contact information.

By encompassing valuable customer information, it provides salespeople with crucial insight to improve sales effectiveness.

When your CRM system is integrated with marketing automation software, your email marketing campaign, social media, and other business tools you use, you’ll have a 360 view of updated information on all leads and customers.

You’ll be able to determine which leads have the most potential of becoming customers and target them at the right time.

This not only saves a great deal of time and frustration for salespeople, but it boosts the productivity of your entire enterprise to directly affect growth.

Automate Your Business Workflow

Automating different kinds of reminders for the team about everyday tasks goes a long way. They will never forget to get in touch with some specific clients or make important phone calls at a specific time.

It’s easier to organize the work of the team if each person has a precise plan of action that they need to take for every category of clients. And it’s much easier to evaluate the progress of the team in this case.

Workflow automation will let you craft a sales roadmap for the selling process. It will eliminate the time spent on trifles or administrative routines and give more time for improving the sales lifecycle.

Close More Sales Deals

Use your CRM Software to identify your potential leads in your pipeline Focus on reducing the Conversion Time. Use the Power of Wise Resource Allocation to optimize free resources.

Use the Reminders and Notification Messages to Staff. Set Targets for Resources. Track deadlines for Resources. Reduce the BottleNecks and improve the Conversion Rates and much more with an integrated CRM.

Get Accurate Reports

You may have a few dozens of various tools that the team uses for emailing, chatting, making calls, planning meetings, and so on.

There’s no single place where you can check the work and progress of the sales team. You will spend much time to get any data and any team member will have to do the same to get any information.

Can you imagine accurate reports containing valuable information on what has been done, what’s in progress, and what should be done in the nearest future?

Even if you accomplish the mission of gathering all the information, you may have difficulties with extracting the essentials. And this will be wasting valuable time.

An Integrated CRM platform will let you collect, analyze, sort, process, and store data in one place. This will let you get accurate reports with the information for crafting customized reports.


Now that you’ve learned the many ways CRM can contribute to the growth of your business and increase sales revenue, it’s time to implement it for your business.

Increasing the productivity of the team and the earnings of the company are the two things that modern businesses focus on.

The use of an integrated CRM system can give you a good opportunity to enhance the performance of your business.

Raise the efficiency of your team. Analyze the communication and interaction with the users and their results.

Escalate your sales by automating the processing and reaching your customers at the right time and on the right day.