Teleduce - Campaign Management Software

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Teleduce targets SMEs looking for an integrated solution for their marketing and communication needs.
This helps SMEs to save money and time instead of working with disparate systems for campaign management.

Let see what it could really perform.

Seamless experience from Marketing to Lead conversion.

Multi Channel Marketing

Teleduce is packed with multiple channels to perform marketing campaigns.

  • Outbound SMS campaigns
  • Inbound SMS campaigns
  • Missed Call campaigns
  • Voice SMS campaigns
  • Landing Page (with forms) campaigns
  • Email campaigns

Campaign Performance Tracking

In each of the above marketing campaign channels, there are in-built mechanisms to track the effectiveness of the campaigns.

  • Track basic user engagements like clicks, open rates, unsubscribe rates in email campaigns.
  • Track if campaigns resulted in effective lead acqusition.
    For eg. An outbound SMS campaign can result in user opening a link. You can track if the user actually visited the link from sms campaign.

Simplified Lead Management

Teleduce has focused on simplifying the lead management process instead of managing a big CRM system for SMEs

  • Add leads from address book or campaign results
  • Segment leads as Groups
  • 1 click to SMS, call, email
  • Maintain tasks, reminders and notes for each leads
  • Maintain status, scores, source for each leads
  • Advanced filters & export options to quickly get the target leads

Leads Activities Stream

Track all the activities related to your leads at one place. Some of the highlights are given below.

  • Track the campaigns which converted the user to lead and finally to a customer
  • Track all the interactions your team had with the lead like SMS, emails, calls

Lists & Contacts Management with easy Segmentation

Teleduce allows you to manage user lists with full flexibility. You can also create individual contacts in the address book. It also provides nice segmentation features

  • Create different segments of users dynamically from one list called Target. Use multiple Targets directly when the campaigns are created.
  • Create groups of contacts in address book which can be used in the campaigns.

End to End Reporting

Teleduce has not only campaign results for each channels it also allows you to create reports at the organization level. There are 2 types of reports

  • Marketing report spanning across all campaigns and their overall results
  • Productivity report for managers / organization heads to capture the work of individuals in the marketing team

Content Manager with Templates

Teleduce helps in creating content using templates. This speed up the creation of campaigns.

  • Templates are available for both SMS and emails which can be private or public.
  • Templates can be created in multiple languages as unicode is supported

1 place to handle all Business Communications

Teleduce helps you to track all business communication of your organization at one place.

  • Offers Virtual phone/IVR, Toll-free and Direct Inward Dialing numbers to businesses.
  • Emails from your inbox can be imported to Teleduce and tracked centrally.
  • Calls created through Teleduce Virtual Phone / IVR / Toll-free numbers are recorded and can be replayed anytime.
  • Updates across different social media channels can also be pushed from Teleduce (coming soon)

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