What is All-in-One CRM: A New Integrated CRM to Build Your Business Future

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What is All-in-One CRM: A New Integrated CRM to Build Your Business Future

91% of companies with more than 11 employees use a CRM system – GetBase

Do you know why?

Because CRM can boost conversion rates by 300% – Finances Online

And to clarify these aren’t mere assumptions but facts.

Undoubtedly, CRM has turned tables as a game-changer in business.

Of course, I am not exaggerating.

Let us see how businesses function without CRM for more understanding.

  1. ABC Business has a wonderful idea and put it into the market.
  2. There are approvals, office, staff, and equipment ready.
  3. Now they decide to market their business.

Challenge 1: Marketing

  • ABC Company wants to send emails, market through websites and Social Media.
  • The company creates content in Google docs and shares them as emails using Email Marketing software. So, Marketer has to copy the content from Docs every time and put it into the software, and send them.
  • Broadcasting is successful and the Email stats are displayed in the Email Marketing Software.
  • You’ve got some great engagement and generated a very good number of leads.
  • The sales team manually enters the leads into an Excel Sheet.
  • You go for an SMS campaign, there’s engagement.
  • The sales team manually enters the lead details into an Excel sheet.

As we can, the work isn’t productive or efficient. There’s plenty of manual effort and time. You can’t keep track of your content created and posted.

Challenge 2: Sales

  • You have a list of leads and try to contact them through your personal mobile number/Email/Whatsapp.
  • You enter the status of the lead in buying your product in an Excel sheet column.
  • You are having lunch and get a call back from one of them.
  • So, you don’t answer it or you can’t address them personally because you don’t remember the lead now.

There are innumerable calls, emails, and requests and you aren’t able to handle them.

So, you gradually lose leads and sales.

Challenge 3: Customer Support

support box

Leads take a FREE TRIAL and face issues with your product mechanism or workflow or response system.

They email you or raise a complaint on a third-party website or call a customer care number.

You respond to the email, but how do you track a complaint published on a third-party website?

What if you can’t attend the customer call because you or your team wasn’t working at that time?

Challenge 4: Customer Success Management

customer success management

Let’s say you’ve successfully cracked a few deals and converted leads into customers.

What measures can you take to provide them special assistance?

How do you segregate leads and customers?

How will you level up relations with your customers?

They raise concerns about your product and expect a timely response or delivery.

With no reliable system in place, you fail to provide service to your customer.

And the customer is lost and doesn’t invest in it any further.

You have bad feedback and you are losing them all.

This is just one part of the story without the usage of a CRM tool.

What happens when you shift to All-in-One CRM?

  • All-in-One CRM tool helps you market your product, generate leads.
  • CRM enables you to integrate with third-party websites like Justdial, Sulekha, Facebook, and many more.
  • Captures lead from these sources along with Email, SMS campaigns, and websites.
  • Enables you with Inbuilt Communication like Email, SMS, Call, Whatsapp to nurture your leads.
  • Reminds you of meetings, tasks with leads.
  • Take follow-ups with leads and notify them of new leads generated.
  • Customer issues/complaints/concerns are directly handled in customer support through the CRM platform.
  • Managing converted customers and catering services to their business needs.
  • Access analytical reports of Marketing, Sales, and Team’s performance.
  • Make use of CRM Mobile App to generate sales at a faster rate.

What is an All-in-one CRM?

All-in-one CRM empowers your business with Marketing, Sales, Support, and Customer Success, reports, and analytics.

Meaning, you can run your business and know your team’s performance as well.

One such example of a CRM is Corefactors AI CRM.

What is Corefactors AI CRM?

what is teleduce

Corefactors AI CRM is an Integrated CRM software to help various customers in marketing, sales, and support.

It is the software used by businesses from capturing a lead to converting them into customers and retaining them.

How Does it Work?

You have access to creating Email, SMS campaigns and broadcasting them to your large set of customer data.

You can run campaigns on third-party websites such as

  1. Shopify
  2. Justdial
  3. Sulekha
  4. Wix
  5. Freshdesk
  6. Knowlarity
  7. Outlook
  8. 99acres
  9. TradeIndia
  10.   MyOperator
  11.  Exotel and many others to capture leads.

You can also create a landing page and use the URL in any of your campaigns, website to capture leads.

All this comes under the Marketing Box.

Moving forward to Sales.

Your leads from various sources are safe with us inside the Lead Box and you can start engaging with them through Email, SMS, Whatsapp, In-built Calls inside Corefactors CRM itself.

You can also schedule meetings, make a note of the current situation with your lead and categorize your lead into hot, warm, and cold.

Next comes, Success Box which has a database of our converted customers. Inside this box, a customer gets full attention to what they require to achieve their goals.

The agent will make the process run smoothly for them after the purchase.

Also, the relationship between the customer and the support team builds up here making it easier for the users to solve their problems.

Another crucial part of CRM and as I discussed is the “Support Box” which is where we collect all the customer’s complaints, issues and resolve them faster.

Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

Built-in Cloud Telephony is one of the best features to choose to close more deals.

It needs no infrastructure, hardware equipment.

It’s inbuilt within Corefactors AI CRM and you make a call from your system.

This avoids the conventional setup and extra costs involved.

Importantly, the entire process will not take more than minutes and you can start taking business calls from wherever you are.

All you need is a virtual number,  you can also opt for IVR service which is provided by Corefators again.

With IVRS you can virtually be present 24/7 and not miss a single call and single lead.

This is not over yet.

We have different features like

Tasks: To track your team’s day-to-day tasks and filter based on conditions.

Call logs: To have a look at the overall call report of incoming calls and outgoing calls.

Automation: To automate marketing, sales, support and create streamlined business workflows.


Reports section allows you to get a hand on

Productivity report of your sales team.

Marketing report which has campaign performance.

Content Manager: To create templates, messages for your Email Campaign, SMS campaign.

List Management: You can import your customer’s data here through an excel file and store it.

How is the All-in-One CRM tool of Corefactors helpful?

  1. When Marketing Automation, Sales CRM, Customer Support are operating together the processes are streamlined making your business run more smoothly.
  2. You don’t need any third-party software to market your business.
  3. You are free to integrate with sites you are already using. For example; You can integrate Facebook if you have leads coming through it.
  4. Most of the CRM tools lack Inbuilt Communication. But, Corefactors AI CRM is renowned for Inbuilt telephony to make sure you don’t miss a single lead.
  5. Mobile CRM Corefactors has ease of access, flexibility, and efficiency to grow your business on the go.
  6. You can generate reports for marketing, compare the performance and improve.
  7. Track your team’s productivity levels and stay informed.
  8. Get reminders, notifications regarding new leads, meetings, and tasks.

How All-in-One Corefactors AI CRM Contributes to Your Business Future?

All-in-One CRM has several benefits along with its varied features.

One of the cutting-edge features is Automation.

Automation is for future use and so much for your business future.

With Automation in Marketing, Sales, Support and Customer Success your business is in safe hands.

Your team need not be physically present every single time nor address the lead.

Therefore, you are completely reducing administrative/repetitive/manual tasks and saving valuable time to run an actual business that is accountable for your business’s future.


CRM applications can increase revenue by up to 41% per sales representative.– Finances Online.

This means your business revenue is also multiplied with the use of CRM.

We understand it must be difficult to invest in the software when you are just starting out.

But now that you know how your business changes with the CRM intervention.

Put your right foot forward and choose Corefactors AI CRM today to scale your business faster.