Boost Your Revenue With Marketing Automation Software

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Boost Your Revenue With Marketing Automation Software

Businesses at this age are constantly under pressure to do more with less.

Traditional marketing techniques are not working anymore and can’t be implemented unless you are sure it’s going to work for that particular niche.

Small businesses are usually the first ones to experience the marketing strategy saturation in their workflow.

With reduced resources, marketing teams are still expected to deal with fast-changing consumer preferences, the rise of multi-channel selling, mysterious platform algorithms, and increased pressure to support their company’s profitability.

But tackling all of these can be a huge challenge for both companies and marketers. That’s where the marketing automation software comes in.

What Is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation

When you think of automation, it usually means that it will reduce the manual effort. Marketing automation does exactly the same.

It is a software that automates, streamlines, and measures business workflows and marketing tasks so that brands can boost operational efficiency and up their revenue faster.

It is the use of software or web-based services that allows you to plan, execute, measure, and analyze your marketing activities.

Marketing automation software lets the software manage and reduce repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks. In some cases, even eliminating them.

There’s a right way to run these campaigns and reach customers efficiently and effectively.

The capabilities of automation platforms must be pushed by the brands to take over some of the more operational tasks, that allow them to allocate more time and energy to plan strategy, content, and creativity.

Importance Of Marketing Automation

Importance of Marketing Automation

“Did you know that 96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy yet?”

Prospects now have hundreds of touchpoints on their path to making any decision.

Expectations on how to engage with these individuals are also changing, as they start to demand more personalized and meaningful interactions.

Marketing automation software not only helps in capturing those potential customers but also directly engage them via relevant content at every step of their buyer’s journey. And, this happens in the most personalized way possible.

Marketing automation with lead management systems helps with lead nurturing as getting people to your website is only the beginning.

Their engagement needs to be continuously cultivated and nurtured throughout their entire journey.

The customer engagement needs to be cultivated throughout their entire journey through the funnel with meaningful interactions and relevant content, and automation undeniably assists with that.

From these operations, we can also analyze and collect data, such as user engagement history and content performance to maximize conversions.

Automation offers an advanced platform for marketers to effectively manage, streamline, and optimize their strategies at every stage.

Fuelled by advances in technology and spending expected to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023, the opportunities for digital marketing and automation will only get smarter and more focused.

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for digital marketing with a few new trends for engaging leads and generating customers.

Benefits Of Having A Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Platforms For Your Business

Improved Customer Retention

Advanced marketing campaigns such as abandoned cart campaigns, cross-selling, and up-selling can have a huge impact on a brand’s bottom line.

No matter how great the brand or the product is, the final purchase always clears your way and ends the customer journey through the sales funnel.

Customer retention can be the best and easiest way to generate revenue.

Through marketing automation software, a brand can potentially recoup lost revenue with minimal additional manual effort on behalf of the marketing team.

Adds Value To Your CRM

The sales team needs CRM software more and is contact-focused. This type of software saves the basic contact information like name, contact number, address, and all your conversations.

On the other hand, marketing automation is concentrated on marketing and helps to automate the marketing processes.

The tool gives you insights on the location of your contacts in the marketing funnel, besides storing them securely in the software.

The resources they use, the web pages they interact with enables you to establish processes that will perform important tasks automatically based on the interactions.

When integrated, marketing automation software and CRM can do so much for your business which adds value.

You will get the benefit of measuring the sales and marketing activities of your contacts all in one place, giving you a comprehensive picture of the relationship a person shares with your brand.

Increased Productivity

It empowers time re-allocation through automation and you can also specify criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes for the software to interpret, store and execute, reducing the margin for human errors made when dealing with so many repetitive tasks.

Improved productivity isn’t just limited to any specific department in your organization. The automation is designed to scale alongside your business so that it can grow with your business when it grows.

More Personalization

The personalization of content is easier with a great marketing tool.

For instance, in a lot of automation tools, you can include personalized tokens into an email blast. Your emails will look more personal by incorporating such elements.

You can build your brand by using banner ads, SEO, social media, remarketing, and many other techniques.

With the absence of a marketing tool, it’s challenging to keep up with all of these opportunities.

Multi-channel Campaign Automation

You should target your prospects with a relevant product or service recommendations, conditional content, and smart segmentation, not just through email, but also social interactions, SMS messaging, push notifications, targeted ads, and more.

The customer interactions get easier with all of these coordinated automated marketing tactics. And, more importantly, more personal and effective for the customer.

Customer Acquisition and Lead Nurturing

For already acquired leads, automation software will keep your brand right in front of your prospects and lead them further down the sales funnel.

Lead nurturing is the most crucial component in implementing a marketing automation strategy, with analytics and data a close second.

The possibilities of nurturing your leads with email automation tools are is becoming a central part of the marketing strategies of many companies.

Marketing Automation Platforms For Your Business

Marketing Automation Platforms


One of the unique marketing automation platforms that you can find in the market is Teleduce. It’s not just a CRM or automation software.

It’s an integrated sales and marketing platform that serves as a lead management system, marketing, and sales automation, IVR service, and more.

Their customer support team is readily available for any queries or demos you need to understand the platform.

Providing seamless integration and customer communication tools, Teleduce aims to become the industry leader globally. It’s one of the affordable options you can get compared to other industry giants.


A clear and comprehensive choice for most businesses, HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing software and CRM solution for you and your entire team.

Their automation software is comprehensive, visually easy to use and they have an amazing support team available 24/7.

It has a wide range of services that you can tailor and the opportunities to automate are seemingly endless.

It’s not the cheapest of options, but the time and cost you will save in the long-term make it worth the investment.


Databox is another software with a clear focus on automating business analytics.

You can easily integrate all your key metrics from various platforms such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.

This provides your company with quick and easy access to their data, tailored to their preferred information in one convenient place and available on desktop, mobile, and TV screens throughout the office.

You can view your data in any form you want, whether it be in live-time, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals to keep track of it all.

The Right Marketing Automation Software

The Right Marketing Automation Software

It’s difficult to select the best marketing automation software for your team. The right integrations, the best functions, the strength of reporting, there’s a lot to consider, and a lot of boxes to check.

The growth rate adoption rates, scalable features, and increased personalization makes the marketing automation software crucial.

Therefore, the organizations that fail to implement marketing automation will undoubtedly have trouble keeping up with the competition.